Carbon footprint howto

Before you can start calculating your personal carbon footprint, you must create a user account on Don't worry, your email address won't be given away or misused.

Creating a user account:

  1. Click here to create a new user account
  2. The system will send you a one-time password
  3. Log in and change your password. Save both your user name as well as your password.


Creating a carbon footprint

  • If you are not yet logged in, log in on
  • Click on „My account“
  • Under the header „Carbon“ click on the link „create a carbon account for (your username)“
Submit Carbon footprint account
  • Click on „My preferences“

  • Title: Normally your user name
  • The remaining entries are shown with recommended values
  • Press submit to create your account.

Carbon footprint account has been created

  • Now you can add „carbon stamps“ to your personal carbon footprint. Carbon stamps are individual contributions to your carbon footprint, like e.g. an air flight, some liters of gazoline, etc.

Add your first carbon stamp to the carbon footprint

After submitting your fist carbon stamp, you get back to the overview of the carbon footprint. At the moment, it only consists of one carbon stamp. But the idea of this tool is to come back anytime and add carbon stamps according to your personal activities. This way you can keep track how much CO2 emissions you are creating.

Sample carbon footprint


Carbon footprint

I find this subject most interesting and I have been wanting to see for myself what my family's carbon foot print was. If there are ways in which I can contribute to the wellness and longevity of mother earth, then I look forward to finding them here. Along with my family and friends making a concious choice to start recycling and reusing the products we buy, I have also made an effort to clean and pick up trash in my neighborhood as a way of showing that one person can make a difference. By knowing how much I waste and use on a daily basis I hope to understand and modify my consumption habits fo the better.