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What is a carbon footprint – definition

A carbon footprint is defined as the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

In other words: When you drive a car, the engine burns fuel which creates a certain amount of CO2, depending on its fuel consumption and the driving distance. (CO2 is the chemical symbol for carbon dioxide). When you heat your house with oil, gas or coal, then you also generate CO2. Even if you heat your house with electricity, the generation of the electrical power may also have emitted a certain amount of CO2. When you buy food and goods, the production of the food and goods also emitted some quantities of CO2.

Your carbon footprint is the sum of all emissions of CO2 (carbon dioxide), which were induced by your activities in a given time frame. Usually a carbon footprint is calculated for the time period of a year.

The best way is to calculate the carbon dioxide emissions based on the fuel consumption. In the next step you can add the CO2 emission to your carbon footprint. Below is a table for the most common used fuels:

Examples of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions:

  • For each (UK-) gallon of petrol fuel consumed, 10.4 kg carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted.
  • For each (US-) gallon of gasoline fuel consumed, 8.7 kg carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted.
  • If your car consumes 7.5 liter diesel per 100 km, then a drive of 300 km distance consumes 3 x 7.5 = 22.5 liter diesel, which adds 22.5 x 2.7 kg = 60.75 kg CO2 to your personal carbon footprint.

What is a carbon footprint - definition
A carbon footprint is the sum of all emissions of greenhouse gases (usually mainly CO2)

Examples for carbon footprint contributions:

fuel type unit
CO2 emitted per unit
Petrol 1 gallon (UK)10.4 kg
1 liter2.3 kg
Gasoline 1 gallon (USA)8.7 kg
Gasoline 1 liter2.3 kg
Diesel 1 gallon (UK)12.2 kg
Diesel 1 gallon (USA)9.95 kg 
1 liter2.7 kg
Oil (heating)
1 gallon (UK)13.6 kg
Oil (heating) 1 gallon (USA)11.26 kg 
Oil (heating)
1 liter3 kg

Each of the following activities add 1 kg of CO2 to your personal carbon footprint:

  • Travel by public transportation (train or bus) a distance of 10 to 12 km (6.5 to 7 miles)
  • Drive with your car a distance of 6 km or 3.75 miles (assuming 7.3 litres petrol per 100 km or 39 mpg)
  • Fly with a plane a distance of 2.2 km or 1.375 miles.
  • Operate your computer for 32 hours (60 Watt consumption assumed)
  • Production of 5 plastic bags (see article about carbon footprint of plastic bags)
  • Production of 2 plastic bottles
  • Production of 1/3 of an American cheeseburger (yes, the production of each cheeseburger emits 3.1 kg of CO2! It has a very large carbon footprint)

To calculate the above contributions to the carbon footprint, the current UK mix for electricity and trains was taken into account.

Carbon dioxide is a so called greenhouse gas causing global warming . Other greenhouse gases which might be emitted as a result of your activities are e.g. methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide [N2O]. These greenhouse gases are normally also taken into account for the carbon footprint. They are converted into the amount of CO2 that would cause the same effects on global warming within a certain time frame, usually 100 years (this is called equivalent CO2 amount).

Few people express their carbon footprint in kg carbon rather than kg carbon dioxide. You can always convert kg carbon dioxide in kg carbon by multiplying with a factor 0.27 (1’000 kg CO2 equals 270 kg carbon). See my comment to the article about personal responsibility for global warming .

Why you should calculate your carbon footprint

The carbon footprint is a very powerful tool to understand the impact of personal behaviour on global warming. Most people are shocked when they see the amount of CO2 their activities create! If you personally want to contribute to stop global warming, the calculation and constant monitoring of your personal carbon footprint is essential.

In the web, you can find many carbon footprint calculators, which allow to store individual activities like, e.g. travelling by car, train, bus or air plane, fuel consumptions, electricity bills and so on. You can then see the amount of CO2 created for each individual activity. You can do this either in advance and use it as a help for decisions or afterwards to continually sum up your carbon dioxide emissions. Or you can estimate your carbon footprint of all your activities, see for example the carbon footprint calculator of WWF in the UK. An easy to use off-line carbon footprint and primary energy consumption calculator (Excel sheet) is available for free in the download section.

There are graphs available on this site for the CO2 emissions per capita by country (average carbon footprint by country). In the medium- and long term, the carbon footprint must be reduced to less than 600 kg CO2 per year and per person. This is the maximum allowance for a sustainable living .

ΞGlobal warming | Carbon footprint

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  1. Useful information about carbon footprint
    Hello, your website was very useful for my project that I'm doing about carbon footprint!

    1. Carbon footprint: Need more info about personal actions
      I was looking for changes we can
      make to reduce carbon foot prints at
      home and school and i couldn’t find a great deal here.

        1. Real Difference
          To make a real difference you need to have governments change what is put into products we use everyday.

          It is not only gasoline that makes a difference, try using soy or castor oil instead of petroleum, see how many products you can change and what difference it makes

            1. wow im doing a school project
              wow im doing a school project and that helped me!

            2. Go Green
              Support companies that use less energy and use product that use less harsh chemicals. Recycle

              Have a great day

              Kindest Regards

            3. Use public transportation
              when we use public transportation, CO2 emission per head will reduce and we can use car pool system

            4. Thank you this was a very
              Thank you this was a very helpful tip I will do exactly as it says

            5. Michael note to everybody.
              Good job I think I need to start writing comments to.

              1. need more info
                I think you do need more info just saying it would do good for people!

                  1. Personal Action for Secondary Carbon Foot Print
                    Well did you know that your life Style it self contributes largely to your carbon foot print? For instance, the more you by processed food, clothes, furniture etc you are contributing to the carbon foot print INDIRECTLY.

                    The Carbon Foot Print Comes in 2 layers;
                    1. Primary foot print – which monitors your carbon emission directly (through energy consumption)
                    2. Secondary foot print relates to your indirect carbon emissions (such as through your food preference, fashion , recycling practices and even in recreation activities)

                    i.e.Food Preference – Meat lovers emit more carbon than vegans as the process of preparing the meat is more than producing organic vegetables
                    i.e. Fashion – I f you are buying clothes and accessories to keep us with the fashion trends etc. again You are emitting more carbon
                    i.e Recreation – walking, cycling and swimming emit less or no carbon compared to Speed Boating

                    Therefore for Home and school level you can start with recycling which is the most common form. ReUSE is also a good method. then start going green by reducing the plastic bottles and polithin u purchase. then try to reduce the amount of processed food you eat and go organic…. its a process…. so try them out and see…. even planting trees to reduce the caron foot print is a great initiative.

                    1. I am confused on primary
                      I am confused on primary carbon footprint. What are the particular sources of primary carbon footprint??

                        1. Re:Carbon footprint:Need more info about personal actions
                          This condition is the same with me.Today’s Wednesday & I need it on Friday as a project.

                        2. You could use hydrogen fuel
                          You could use hydrogen fuel and hydrogen fueling stations which eliminates carbon footprints and CO2 emissions.

                      1. carbon footprint
                        hey i really liked your wedsite. it has tought me a lot about my carbon footprint.

                      2. hey
                        this is very helpful to me and my partner when we are working on our project and i thought that the graph is very helpful fuel type unit
                        CO2 emitted per unit
                        Petrol 1 gallon (UK)
                        10.4 kg
                        1 liter
                        2.3 kg
                        Gasoline 1 gallon (USA)
                        8.7 kg
                        Gasoline 1 liter
                        2.3 kg
                        Diesel 1 gallon (UK)
                        12.2 kg
                        Diesel 1 gallon (USA)
                        9.95 kg
                        1 liter
                        2.7 kg
                        Oil (heating)
                        1 gallon (UK)
                        13.6 kg
                        Oil (heating) 1 gallon (USA)
                        11.26 kg
                        Oil (heating)
                        1 liter 3 kg

                      3. Web portals like
                        Web portals like are very useful in sharing green information on daily usage products and activities.

                      4. hey
                        what kind of project are you doing because im doing one but i dont know how to do if i dont even know what is the caarbon footprint

                      5. Asking suggestion
                        Hi, I’m Sarah. I am doing my project which require me to write a summary on ‘carbon footprint”.
                        What should I write besides its definition? Hope I’ll get reply soon.

                        1. carbonfootprint
                          I am doing my Final year project ” carbon footprint” in my college so pls send detail about the project and how to calculate the carbon in industy…….

                        2. carbonfootprint
                          I am doing my Final year project ” carbon footprint” in my college so pls send detail about the project and how to calculate the carbon in industy…….my mailid

                      6. carbon food print
                        your website was very helpful to me to know more detail about carbon food print i m very much satisfied by this information

                    2. Very interesting summary of
                      Very interesting summary of some important info.
                      But can you please cite your references/evidence base?
                      I’d love to use your figures in a project I’m working on, but I need some evidence.

                      Many thanks, AL

                      1. CO2 emission of fuels / evidence base


                        The figures given above are mostly calculated by myself and verified with several different sources. You can find some information how to calculate CO2 emissions at the following link:

                        responsibility for your carbon footprint

                        My company is developing and producing waste air treatment systems. So this type of calculations are almost my daily business.


                    3. How is this worked out?
                      How do you get 2.3Kg or CO2 from 1Kg (1 litre) of Petrol? How does this relate to the ratings of eco cars?
                      Of course you get more miles per Litre, but does 100 Litres of fuel in an eco friendly SMART Car produce the same ammount of CO2 as 100 Litres in a Porsche?
                      Thanks, Graham

                        1. Eco Car vs SUV
                          That is correct, but and eco car can travel more miles than an SUV for the same volume of fuel.

                      1. YOU SAID
                        I too would like to see the chemical formula for the combustion of gasolene or diesel.
                        I don’t see how more CO2 by weight can be produced than the liquid being combusted.

                        1. Oxidation (combustion) process
                          Please have a look at the link provided in the reply just above your question. If you can’t follow those explanations, please post your further questions there.

                          1. Its easy
                            Just beacuse burning 1litre of fuel doesn’t create 2.3kg of carbon doesn’t mean its footprint can’t be greater than its actual weight.
                            To create 1 litre of fuel takes a process of refining more than 1 litre of oil.
                            You have to then use all types of energy to create the fuel which you need to burn coal and oil to create the enrgy to heat the oil and refine it
                            You need to ship the oil to the petrol station from the other side of the world whihc takes carbon.
                            And so on and so on

                            So yes most products if not all have a carbon footprint greater than there core carbon ingredients, hence the turn footprint and not say emissions.

                            Shock even the water you use in your tap and to water on your lawn has a carbon footprint!
                            It didn’t make it all the way in to those pipes and to your house with no energy did it.

                        2. Product of 5 plastic bags = 1kg of CO2
                          Hello. Would it be possible to provide further citation or explanation of the following metric? Production of 5 plastic bags = 1kg of CO2. We are trying to verify the carbon impact of plastic bag usage and this would be extremely useful information. We could site provided a sound methodology. Thanks so much!

                          1. CO2 emission for plastic bags and water bottles

                            The following reasoning led to the above mentioned carbon dioxide (CO2) emission for plastics:

                            • The production of 1 kg of polyethylene (PET or LDPE), requires the equivalent of 2 kg of oil for energy and raw material (see here). Polyethylene PE ist the most commonly used plastic for plastic bags.
                            • Burning 1 kg of oil creates about 3 kg of carbon dioxide (see e.g. our offline carbon footprint calculator). In other words: Per kg of plastic, about 6 kg carbon dioxide is created during production and incineration.
                            • A plastic bag has a weight in the range of about 8 g to 60 g depending on size and thickness. For the further calculation, it now depends on which weight for a plastic bag you actually use. A common plastic carrying bag in our household had a weight between 25 g and 40 g. So I took the average of 32.5 g.
                            • Take the above relation between kg plastics and kg of carbon dioxide, and you get about 200 g carbon dioxide for 32.5 g of plastic, which is the equivalent of the average plastic carrying bag in our household. Or in other words: For 5 plastic bags you get 1 kg of CO2.

                            Of course you’ll find different figures on the Internet. The main factors are the weight of the plastic bag and whether the grey energy (energy used for production) is taken into account.

                            There is now a separate text available about the CO2 emissions for plastic bags and plastic bottles.


                            1. Thanks
                              Thanks for the thorough explanation. If we were to cite this information, do you have a preference of how you would like to be featured?

                              1. Thanks
                                I liked this site soooo much and the info is great. I will definitely tell my friends about this and thanks again. 🙂

                              2. Plastic bags
                                Could you tell me the amount of CO2 emitted for different types of plastics.. HDPE, LDPE, PET etc….each would have different amount of Co2 emitted.. what are their details ??


                                1. Carbon footprint for plastic bags and water bottles

                                  Due to many uncertainties, it is not realistic to give different amounts of CO2 emitted for different types of plastics. For a bottle or for a plastic bag, the amount of plastic used is much more important.

                                  Some more information is available in our separate article about CO2 emission of plastic bags and in the links within the article.


                                  1. THANKS A LOT!
                                    Thanks a lot. I am doing my project and this has a very good and exact information that I need.

                                  2. Plastic bags
                                    I disagree with your worked example.

                                    A disposable plastic bag is not 32.5g, for a start. A heavy-use renewable bag might be, but not a disposable.
                                    Disposable plastic bags are closer to 10g in weight.
                                    The energy cost of polyethylene is c. 74MJ/kg produced.
                                    Crude oil has a calorific value of c. 45MJ/kg.
                                    So the production of 1kg of plastic takes around 74/45, or around 1.65kg of oil.
                                    That 1.65kg is, using your calcs, worth around 4.95kg of CO2.
                                    At 10g per bag, that’s 100 bags for 4.95kg of CO2, or around 49.5g per bag.
                                    That’s around 20 bags per kg of CO2. We can argue around these figures by altering the weight of each bag, but I don’t think the situation is as bad as you infer. There’s still a lot of CO2 per bag though.
                                    But when you look at the cost of recycling 1kg of plastic bags? It’s less than 1MJ/kg, and the bags are readily recyclable. Carbon cost of producing plastic bags from recycled polyethylene is thus next to nothing, and the material is almost infinitely recyclable.
                                    The next thing to do is look at the carbon cost of producing a re-usable bag from textiles. Which is much larger. Then look at the recycling options available to you, and their cost.

                                    Suddenly, the whole impetus to ban single use plastic bags is a lot less clear cut when you do the lifecycle assessment, especially if you can close the loop and make sure that they are recycled after use. Plastic is actually quite a sustainable material used very unsustainably in the main. Which is not the fault of the material, more the fault of the user of the material.

                                    1. Recycling of plastic

                                      Some figures about production and recyling of plastic can be found in this comment about plastic.

                                      A recent study (see link above) showed that recycling plastic reduces the carbon footprint of plastic by 2.5 kg CO2 per kilogram of plastic. Using your figure above, the carbon footprint is 2.5 kg CO2 per kg recycled plastic compared to 5 kg CO2 per kg of new plastic. (3.5 kg compared to 6 kg using my own figures, see main article above)

                                      So recycling does about halve the carbon footprint of plastic, but I wouldn’t call this carbon footprint "next to nothing".

                                      1. people should recycle to help
                                        people should recycle to help the earth haha jk lol ! 😀

                                      2. carbon dioxide emission
                                        carbon dioxide emission has caused climatic changes in different biomes around the world

                                      3. science project
                                        im a middle scholar and we are doing a science project on the carbon footprint I was wondering if you could help me 🙂

                                  3. Carbon content of fuel
                                    I almost despaired of finding simple information on this subject against the clock; this is excellent.

                                  4. carbon footprint calculation for buildings


                                    Do you know how can I calculate carbon footprint for utility(Electricity,Gas,Water) consumption in buildings?


                                  5. Thanks a lot

                                    Just wanted to say thank you for this information. I’m currently doing a research project on carbon footprinting and found it helpful.
                                    Also I would like to leave something on this site if its okay. Its a link to a carbon footprint calculator . I found this really neat and thought that it would be cool to share with others.

                                  6. Calculate this!
                                    I’m confused. I reuse my plastic containers and bags and recycle those that have worn out..
                                    Those plastic bags I do purchase are made of recycled plastic.
                                    I compost all my organic waste. I drive a fuel efficient car. I use electricity from a nuclear power plant. I burn my paper waste. My computer goes to sleep when it’s not in use.

                                    I find it quite amusing that everyone is “going green”. I’ve been doing all the above for over 18 years and now it has become a fad. I don’t buy into all the carbon credit bull. I’m just living in a responsible sensible way, and have been all along. It’s about time you all caught up.

                                    1. so, basically you’ve
                                      so, basically you’ve actually taken the time to post a comment on this website whose only purpose is to have a go at everyone else and show off how much you’re recycling…

                                  7. Incineracitions big foodprint
                                    The foodprint may be different, when you take recycled materials. For the second use, only the energy for recycling should be regarded. And with good recycling techniques, like kryo- recycling, all materials of the computers, you are just using, could be reused in future several times.
                                    Every good recycling- system avoid the energy- demand for new production. Incineration allways increase new production. So it has a big carbonic foodprint. Its a ferry tale, that you can win “energy from waste”.

                                    Felix Staratschek

                                  8. Plastic Sandwich bags vs. Plastic Sandwich Container
                                    Please tell me the carbon footprint of a package of plastic throw away sandwich bags vs. a plastic sandwich container which can be used over and over again?


                                  9. Carbon footprint
                                    The carbon dioxide gases in the air are definitely not helping the cause. Since i don’t have a car, i would gladly recycle and use things environment friendly. People could car pool, too, to cut down the amount of carbon dioxide roaming the air. We NEED cars to survive, and they are a huge part of the world today. But we can cut down the amount we use these things.

                                    Jamie W. 3rd

                                  10. Thanks
                                    I needed to know the definition of a carbon footprint was so I could study for a test and I found it here Thanks!!!

                                  11. effects of carbon footprint
                                    what are some environmental effects that the average US citizen’s carbon footprint is causing? is it causing global warming, depletion of the ozone, etc.?

                                  12. CO2 for producing an ounce of GOLD
                                    I would like to know if anyone would be able to answer of give me an idea where to find how much CO2 emissions are created to create an ounce of Gold. I would imagine it depends on alot of different variables, such as geography, type of mining operation etc… but If anyone has an idea where to find this information please let me know. You can send an email to


                                  13. Question
                                    I am looking for an emissions calculator for smaller, more specific things such as non recyclable plastics (bags, caps, package wrapping, tape…), bits of metal, aluminum wrappers (from granola bars, etc), bottle caps, tissue…
                                    Do you know of a site that has a calculator for these kinds of things or at least a formula that I can use to make calculations myself?



                                  14. Hey!
                                    ur website is the best one iv found to get info for my carbon footprint project! Xp

                                  15. carbon footprint of buses
                                    This site has some very useful data on measuring the carbon footprint of cars. However, (not being a specialist in the field) one thing is not clear to me- will one liter of petrol or diesel always produce the same amount of CO2 irrespective of the vehicle or are other factors involved? In other words are CO2 reductions in transport only dependant on fuel efficency? So will a really old car release the same Co2 per liter used as a very modern model?

                                    Actually my research involves buses and diesel not cars and petrol but I guess the concept is the same- so any help on this would be very much appreciated !!

                                    1. CO2 emission of burning 1 liter of petrol

                                      The answer to your question is YES. Burning one liter of petrol always creates the same amount of CO2. It doesn’t matter for the CO2-emissions whether an old car or a new car is used.

                                      You can find further details here and here.



                                      1. Hi how do I cite ur work???
                                        Hi, the data provided in your article is awesome and interesting.
                                        Can I cite it on my website used in my article and if I can than how do I write the citation…? I will use the data indirectly.


                                        1. Citation information

                                          Thank you for your kind remark. You can find information about citation here.


                                    2. cradle to grave
                                      your figures don’t seem to include the amount of carbon needed to PRODUCE the various fuels. Do you have that data? thanks

                                      1. Cradle to grave carbon footprint of fuels

                                        No, I don’t have that data. It is very difficult to get because it makes a lot of difference from where the fuel is coming from (from the ground or from sand) and where it is getting transported to.

                                        As a rule of thumb for oil from the ground you can estimate as follows:

                                        • The average energy return on crude oil is about 10:1 (see here). In other words: 10% of the energy content of crude oil is used to get it out of the ground.
                                        • The refining process to convert crude oil into fuel takes another 10% of the energy content
                                        • The effect of transportation may not be that important because of the high energy intensity of fuel.

                                        I hope this helps as rough guideline!


                                    3. very useful information but
                                      very useful information but could have been more better if it would be in a little detail!!!!!

                                    4. pls answerr my question
                                      i wanna know how many carbonfootprint is produce when making a 1 meter polyethylene-aluminum-polyethylene in a water production pipe

                                    5. Carbon Footprint
                                      A lot of thanks for all this information cause i had to make a project on this topic and present it to the teacher and the whole class and the shocking part was that i got the hieghest marks for the project in the class i got 36 out of 40 marks for the project

                                      1. Carbon Footprint 🙂
                                        I also had to make a project on this subject for my Geography Class. It was out of 50 marks and i was really very shocked because i got 47 in a half out of fifty ! 😀 ThankYou so much, I guess this site has all the info ! <3

                                    6. Thanks
                                      This website is very informative and useful. I used the site for a source in one of my classes. Thanks.

                                    7. CO2 from production
                                      Do these figures (eg. 2.3 kg CO2 per ltr for petrol) include the carbon release involved in extracting, transporting and processing and wholesaleing/retailing of a litre of petrol/gasoline. Shouldn’t it both carbon content and production carbon for a fair assessment of the CO2e pollution from petrol/gasoline? (Any idea what this might be?)

                                      1. CO2 is only from oxidation (burning)

                                        The above mentioned CO2-emissions have only been calculated for the burning (oxidation) of the fuels. These figures are easy to calculate and quite exact.

                                        You are right that extracting, transporting and processing does also release CO2. However these values are more difficult to assess. You can find some guidelines in the following link:

                                        cradle to grave carbon footprint of fuels

                                        Regards, Juerg

                                    8. Treeeees!!!

                                      I am Chris Stevens, founder and conceiver of I found your website searching for other green companies, websites and projects. Please examine our simple website and offer some feedback, provide a link from your website or just remember us for future reference.

                                      Chris Stevens

                                    9. CO2 weight
                                      How do you actually measure CO2? So far, what I’ve read about how much co2 is produced is based on what, and how much, was consumed (gasoline, propane, natural gas, diesel, etc). Where does one acquire such a device?

                                    10. tnx
                                      your website really helped me find almost all the info i wass looking for for a project…tnx so much 🙂

                                    11. 200,000 bbl per day refinery
                                      my firm is now advising on some projects to deliver 200,000 bbl per day refinery capacity for the west african subregion
                                      we plan to make the mileage zero carbon miles by installing the refinery next to the oil well
                                      we also want to generate a tax of 830m dollars per day from the 83m bbl of rude being transported around the world
                                      as for the 600,000,000 cars jetting around the world we are working on retrofiting an electric motor to make existing cars able to run on electricity generated by non carbon sources
                                      that maybe our contribution

                                    12. Carbon4Profit means being conscious about carbon footprint
                                      One needs to understand these basic terminologies to get some idea about their daily GHG emissions and what % they add to the carbon foot print. I discuss on similar issues at my blog

                                    13. Just curious…
                                      But what kind of footprint did BP just stamp the world with?

                                    14. jconstantinidis

                                      Trees and plantation absortion of CO2
                                      Can we have a table convertion of TREE plantation in CO2 tons, or how much CO2 is absorved to generate one kg of wood?

                                      1. CO2 absorption of wood
                                        Burning 1 kg of wood releases about 2.78 kWh of energy and about 0.69 kg of CO2.
                                        On the other hand, when trees grow, they absorb the same amount of CO2 (0.69 kg CO2 per kg wood). Please note that these are approximate figures, which depend on the sort of trees and kind of cultivation. You may find much lower and some higher figures in the literature!


                                        1. jconstantinidis

                                          CO2 absorption of wood
                                          Thanks Juerg,
                                          According to your answer each tree generates the same amount of CO2 generated by burning, this will be extrapolated to all the plantations?
                                          There is a standard indicating how to determine this?
                                          Can you tell me were can I find that literature?

                                        2. Help
                                          Good contribution friend, this information is very interesting, I am a biotechnology student at and this information helps me a lot to discuss it with my classmates.

                                    15. Reduce carbon footprint!!!
                                      Help reduce your carbon footprint and download Causeworld on iPod touch/iPhone. You can also help stop child abuse or help a victim of an earthquake in Haiti. These are just some of the things you can do!!! 😀

                                    16. carbon footprint for lubricants like motor oil or hydraulic oi

                                      What is the carbon foot print for lubricants like motor oil used in cars or hydraulic oil used in hydraulic applications.



                                    17. ##**
                                      I still need more info ect.your carbon foorprint in your transportation,what you eat, what you throw away???but the website was great

                                    18. heavy
                                      Interesting how much CO2 is produced from a litre of petrol. I just worked out that full tank (47 L) of petrol produces as much CO2 as a Nepalese shepard does in a year. I don’t think he drives much.

                                    19. CO2 from Gasoline
                                      I always wondered what the output of CO2 was from me driving my car. I need to offset some of my output with things like solar panels on my home. What do you think?

                                    20. foresters contribution
                                      how can forestry associations can contribute in CDM,I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT REGISTRATION PROCEDURE ,HOW THE INDUSTRY AND FORESTRY ASSOCIATIONS COLLABORATE .contact me at

                                    21. Question
                                      How does the ecological footprint compares with the carbon dioxide emission per capita? Why do they measure them separately, and what are the costs and benefits of doing so?

                                      Thank you

                                    22. Carbon Credit Definition
                                      Carbon credit definition states that the authorization granted to an organization or a country to emit carbon dioxide up to a ton. Carbon offsets are the indulgences of today, has sold to a public increasingly aware of carbon fulfill their climate sins. But scratch the surface and a disturbing picture arises when the creative accounting and to develop a shell game to hide the impossibility of verifying a real benefit to climate change, and where communities in the South often have little choice, as draft compensation shall be inflicted on them. Total emissions of greenhouse gases produced directly and indirectly to human activity, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide.

                                    23. Carbon Footprint
                                      Its the time for us to change ourselves if we want to save our home.We ourselves have designed and developed new technologies for destroying our own home but now its the time for us to be responsible and serve our responsibilities with entire devotion and devotion. SO SAVE ENVIRONMENT SAVE HOME

                                    24. water vapor
                                      what about water vapor is more of a contributing factor to the environment than co2

                                      1. water vapor
                                        Research it see the % the only problem is you cant make any money on it water vapor credits

                                    25. Im a bit confused about your
                                      Im a bit confused about your table of CO2 emission, how can 2.3 kg of carbon dioxide be produced from one litre of petrol when a litre petrol only weighs about 711 grams?

                                    26. Carbon Footprint for Whse. Forklift
                                      How can I get or calcualte the Carbon Footprint of a warehouse forklift?

                                    27. WEIGHT OF CO2
                                      HOW DO YOU KNOW THE WEIGHT THAT A COMPANY IS SENDING INTO THE ATMOSPHERE? where did the formala for measuring come into being?

                                    28. CARBON FOOTPRINT FOR LUBE OILS
                                      My company purifies lubricating oils, mainly gear and hydraulic oils. My customers have reduced their waste stream for used oils by 90 to 95%. They use my company mainly because it is cheaper and better for the equipment than a traditional oil change. As an added incentive I would like to know the carbon footprint of a liter of these oils with this information I may be able to convince more companies to use my process.

                                      1. Yeah, I Know
                                        Isn’t it da best? Thanks to my fervous research, I finally created my own website(BORING)!!!!!!!!!!! So cool!

                                    29. to reduce carbon footprint
                                      i m planning to buy cycle to reduce CO2. though i hve one bike…
                                      i m a envirolmental lover.
                                      i alwys try to reduce pollution by mu side n also try to stop other……

                                    30. hii.. my question is how is
                                      hii.. my question is how is carbon footprint assesment different from SDR( Sustainability Development Audit)…since Carbon footprint study is also a mode to attain sustainable development

                                    31. carbon footprint
                                      I am interested on your study.I want to calculate the carbon footprint of resident sector.I want the detail information,please sent the available information you have on my email. It will be an essential tool for me to complete my study. (email:

                                    32. VERY GOOD INFORMATION ABOUT
                                      THANK YOU

                                    33. Carbon footprints?
                                      Hello, I am currently working on a project to help eliminate or at least reduce plastic waste in the City of Chicago. I am researching the carbon footprints of different types of bag. e,g, paper, plastic, reusable, and compostable (yeah) does anyone know of a good site to find the carbon footprint statistics for these materials?


                                    34. Business Carbon Footprint
                                      A good place to start with any company is to actually measure and report your carbon footprint according to the guidelines of the GHG Protocol. The Carbon Report ( delivers a carbon footprint at a fraction of the cost of tradition consulting lead approaches.

                                    35. carbon footprint
                                      This site was very helpful when my 14 year old daughter ask me what was a carbon footprint. It help me explain it to her. Thank you!

                                    36. Hello
                                      Wow this is really useful to b because a lot of school are going green , as well as communities too

                                    37. carbon foot print
                                      really shock how we emit co2 in our daily activities. I feel to reduce and help somewhat as i can do to the world.

                                    38. Useful
                                      This website is very useful for finding out how a carbon Footprint is produced.

                                    39. CO2 or CO2e
                                      You define carbon footprint as all greenhouse gas emissions, yet your calculations are only for carbon dioxide – CO2!?
                                      How can the full CO2e footrpint be calculated?

                                      1. It should be CO2e (Carbon dioxide equivalents)
                                        Which calculation of CO2e are you exactly referring to? We showed some examples where only CO2 is emitted. In such cases the amount of CO2e equals the amount of CO2. On the other hand, if for example a process emits Methane, the amount of Methane is mulitplied with a factor 23 to get CO2e. You can find tables with the conversion factors into CO2e for various gases.

                                    40. ” ENERGY SUSTAINABILITY IN MALAYSIA : RENEWABLE ENERGY ACT 2010
                                      ” ENERGY SUSTAINABILITY IN MALAYSIA : RENEWABLE ENERGY ACT 2010 ”

                                      Malaysia has enforced RENEWABLE ENERGY ACT 2010 and this has placed Malaysia at top 10 of the sustainability framework and roadmap.

                                      JEONG CHUN PHUOC
                                      Pioneer Advocate in Competitive Legal Intelligence(CLI)
                                      External Expert Consultant
                                      He can be reached at his new email:


                                    41. Using your information
                                      Hello, would I be able to include your “Time for Change” information with student in my theoretical class? I would like to disseminate the information in a flyer handout or perharps place it in a CD as a general information…


                                      Vincent Aranda
                                      TAFE college

                                    42. carbon foot print
                                      I am a enviornmental activist working in thermal power plant. Your article is praise worthy and helps me a lots in understanding carbon footprints.



                                    43. Thank you!
                                      Thank you for all the information! Really helps me out with 8th grade health class.

                                    44. Experiment
                                      I want to do an experiment on Carbon footprints. What can I change for it and how do I measure carbon footprints. I’m still a bit cconfused.

                                    45. Carbon footprint
                                      I just want to ask u,have u any data about carbon footprint in India .

                                    46. Calculation or refernce 2000 kg CO2 per capita and year
                                      Dear All,

                                      Could someone provide me with a reference or the calculation of the maximum allowance carbon footprint of less than 2000 kg CO2 per year and per person?

                                    47. UK vs. US
                                      Why does the UK produce more emissions than the US for the same amount of gasoline?

                                    48. check your spelling!!

                                      check your spelling!!
                                      you missed spelled click you said klick

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