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During the last weeks, the following new articles have been published on in the category "Current Issues ":


The benefits of modesty

Does it do any good for Africans suffering from drought if I reduce my personal water consumption? Why should I reduce the CO2 emissions and save energy? Does it reduce starvation anywhere in the world if I eat less?

Living in moderation is «out» because it seems to be full of deprivations and limitations. Read here why it is by contrary rather full of opportunities for the personal development. It is an indispensable precondition to get in perpetual harmony, joy and (self-)confidence.


CO2 - it is about you

Global warming is a typical global phenomena, where the causer of the emission does not automatically suffer from it himself. Cause and effect are separated both in time as well as with regard to geography.

In the past, there was a more or less direct relation between the energy consumption (mainly fossile fuels) and the welfare of a country. This makes it very difficult to reach consensus between the countries about the required steps to solve the problem. The Kyoto protocol shows that the following of the agreement will be doubtful at best if no automatic sanctions take into effect for countries violating it.

Given the severe consequences of global warming, the above sounds quite hopeless for our future. Read on here to see how we all are involved in this and how we can benefit from taking our personal responsibility.


Looking for help to polish our texts

In operating this website, we are faced with the need to translate our texts from German into English. The book "ABC of awareness" was translated by a professional translater.

For newer articles (e.g. current issues ), we cannot afford to pay a translater. While we are ourselves able to translate texts so that others can normally understand them, we have to admit that the translated texts are not "real" English. Therefore we are seeking one or two persons, preferrably native English speakers, who would be willing to improve and polish our new texts on a voluntary base.

(Alternatively, the texts might be translated directly from German into English, of course...) If someone is interested to help, please do contact me.

This is our last newsletter for this year. We take the opportunity to thank for your attention and we wish you some nice and quiet days between the years.

Season's greetings and best wishes for a very Happy New Year!

Juerg Rohrer