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Ann-Kristin PetersonJürg Rohrer
Ann-Kristin PetersonJürg Rohrer
From Malmö, in Sweden, Graduate in Business Management from the University of Lund, further education in Systemic Consultation, DAN Therapist. Since 1994 she has worked in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and Denmark as a self-employed company consultant for team work, personality development and efficiency improvement.

In particular she also integrates processes for conflict-solving, crisis management and alternative healing methods into her consultancy work and seminars. You can find more information on her services under in German, Swedish and Danish.

From Buchs, Switzerland, Graduate in Engineering from the ETH (Technical University) Zürich, was initially active as Development Manager and Crisis Manager both at home and abroad, since 1991 he has been a self-employed entrepreneur in the fields of environmental technology and IT. These companies have already been presented with several international awards for their innovative technologies and ideas. His main concern is the integration of high ethical values into the everyday commercial world. He is the author of the book series “Time for Change”.

In addition he has been working as lecturer for renewable energy systems and efficient use of energy since 2010.

Please contact us at the following address:

Juerg Rohrer, Up-To-Date AG
Mühlegasse 6
CH-8867 Niederurnen / Switzerland
Email: or
Tel. +41 55 / 610 27 11

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