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About missionary work

He who works on his own personal development, is as a rule convinced that this is the right way for him and that he is doing the right thing. Otherwise he would presumably do something else…

In many cases therefore sooner or later arises the desire to convince other people of his path. This person also wants to help others to find the «right» path. This often ends in great disappointment if the closest people such as his life partner, his children, parents, good friends etc. react negatively. Especially if they don’t wish to know anything of the «only correct» way, the best path or goal.

The people closest to us have possibly noticed that we have changed. Frequently a change will initially however arouse only surprise and lots of resistance. Why couldn’t you stay as you were? I also loved you before. – In general however our surroundings are merely the smallest problem.

Notice for example how your children learn to walk upright or think back to your own childhood: Did your parents spend hours trying to persuade you of the advantages of walking upright over crawling? Or indeed did they send you to a seminar to learn how to walk upright? Hardly. You would simply have noticed other children or adults walking upright. And then at a certain point in time you decided that «walking upright will bring me advantages and I too would like to be able to do it». You began to practise this of your own accord. As long as a child does not wish to walk upright he crawls. The persuasiveness of the parents does not help here. The child decides for himself. This takes place in exactly the same way for learning to speak, toilet training, etc.


Returning to our desire to bring others onto the «correct path». There is only one solution: If you want to convince others of the correctness of your own path or goal, in the first instance you must live your own life as you believe to be right. If by this means over a period of time you react harmoniously and calmly in every situation those surrounding you will certainly not fail to see this. People who feel the same longing within themselves and are on the search for the correct path will then attempt to do the same as you – each in his own way.

If on the other hand we find that others do not wish to emulate us, do not wish to make our goal their goal, do not ask us for advice, do not want our help – then it may be our fault! Perhaps in our daily life we do not transmit the peace, harmony and calmness, which we ourselves believe or hope we do. Perhaps we are really living the basic rights of existence more in theory than in practice.

Whatever the reason we should naturally not become disheartened. Our life is about our development and not the development of others. We are only responsible for ourselves.


Nothing remains for us but to concern ourselves with ourselves, to invest our strengths in our own development and to accept others as they are.

We can make our greatest contribution to the general wellbeing on the earth if we develop ourselves personally to the maximum possible extent towards living the basic rights of existence and not in that we convince as many others as possible to pursue the same goal. It is all about our personal growth and not about that of others!


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