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Awareness – higher consciousness

The same is true for the perceptive and expressive ability in connection with the living of the basic rights of existence. We refer to this ability in the following as awareness. The word «awareness» (to be conscious of something) describes well the interrelationship described above: He who is properly conscious when carrying out a certain activity is very «aware» of all the useful information. Unlike the less well-practised he has trained his senses to be able to take in lots of additional information and to express it. He who lives his life as a virtuoso, i.e. automatically allows himself to be guided in all situations by the basic rights of existence, in other words he who lives the basic rights of existence «is» the basic rights of existence. He becomes virtually «fused» with the law and has similarly trained many of his senses which help him in this activity of living the virtuoso life or even make it possible in the first place. With respect to life he has become aware of «his existence». We would say he has a great awareness or higher consciousness.


We define awareness (or higher consciousness) as the sum of all abilities, which permit us to respect the basic rights of existence in every situation.


With this definition we can therefore also postulate that it is our task in life to develop our own level of awareness further (or higher consciousness, divine consciousness, spiritual growth).

Earlier we compared human development with the building of a pyramid. The more of this pyramid which already exists, the higher is our awareness or consciousness. Awareness can however also be represented extremely well by another model:


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