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Concentration of strengths

  We can fundamentally freely divide the energy or strength, which is available for our personal development, between various goals as we wish. For example one person can use 20% for the capability of increasing his material wealth, 50% for the capability of attaining power over others and the remaining 30% for the capability of increasing his personal standing in society. As long as these goals do not contradict one another then he will be able to develop his capabilities according to the amount of energy devoted to each of them.

The glasses model of subjective perception is automa­tically used for every random objective by our subconscious for the development of the corresponding capabilities. It is therefore tremendously important that we set clear priorities for our objectives.


From a certain capability level progress is only possible by concentrating on very few goals and finally on just one single goal. We can compare this with the climbing of mountain peaks in the example in the previous section: The starting point for the climb may well be the same for many peaks, but the higher a person gets the sooner he must decide upon one single peak. I cannot be on both peaks at the same moment and if I wish to climb both peaks one after the other I will have to go down again by a certain amount from the first peak.

The necessity of concentrating on a single goal is, by the way, well known in sport. At the level of a normal healthy sportsman it is possible to enjoy the most diverse types of sport without any problem. But if you wish to pursue top-level sports then it is only possible to achieve outstanding performance in just a very few related sporting areas.

In other words: The closer we get to a goal the smaller the number of incompatible goals which can be pursued successfully.

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