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Denial of reincarnation

  Much false information has been spread around with respect to every aspect of the rebirth of human beings1. Whilst many people and institutions don’t want to know anything about it, others inter­pret illnesses and accidents incorrectly as «God’s punishment». This finally leads to a feeling of powerlessness, to a feeling that we ourselves cannot change anything or influence anything, in other words to exactly the opposite of self-determination and self-responsibility. Such people – or to put it better such victims – allow themselves to be influenced or even manipulated much more easily.

Those who realize that they will return to this earth at a later stage are much more ready to treat nature and its resources responsibly. A «don’t care what happens after I’ve gone» mentality, in which little responsibility is perceived for those who come later, is totally foreign to such people. Those who know that they will be born again later so as to continue with their personal development at that place where they ended this life are much more prepared to go from step to step on the long path of personal development and to be pleased about every small success.

Whoever on the other hand sees his personal life as an absolute one-off event, is much more inclined to quickly lose the motivation for personal development in the case of failures and resistance. This is especially true with advancing years, when it becomes clear that the great goal in this life may no longer be achieved. If this is the only life and the goal cannot be achieved within it, why indeed should anyone really strive towards it?

1 Earlier in this discourse we pointed out that neither the existence nor the non-existence of incarnation can be scientifically proven. Each person must decide this for himself with the help of his personal intuition.

If a person really cannot identify himself with reincarnation, he will perhaps accept as a transitional solution the idea that his own «ego» is bequeathed to coming generations. That his descendants inherit his remaining personal and other problems and sooner or later will have to solve them.

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