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Hectic and pill mentality

  A change in personality needs time. We have to change mechanisms which have become automatic over many years – this needs both energy and time. Our attitude to life today is shaped by rapid change, everything seems to change constantly and within a shorter and shorter time. That which doesn’t show an immediate effect is therefore frequently forgotten in favour of other goals. Long term goals no longer seem to be attractive.

The predominant theme is that of economic development. This becomes more and more an end in itself, a spiral, which turns ever faster. We become used to simply con­suming, everything can (apparently) be purchased and becomes ever cheaper. What we would really like to do would be to buy pills which we could take over a period of time so that we could automatically develop with respect to the basic rights of existence.

As we have already mentioned in the preceeding chapter, thanks to industrialization and economic development, we should now have lots more time available for our personal development – however we use this available time in general for quite different things: We „devour“ television programmes, films, adventures, travel, sporting events or we «use» this time so that in the future we will have even more money available for consumption. For the majority of us it is therefore high time that we got out of this spiral – in other words it is «time for a change».

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