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Interactions with our surroundings

  We have emphasized many times that we cannot pass off the responsibility for our decisions to our surroundings or to «others». The reasons for our decisions are always ours alone. We ourselves are responsible for ourselves. This cannot be changed.

In spite of this the question will certainly arise sooner or later whether we can positively or negatively influence our surroundings, i.e. our partner, our children, the neighbours, our work colleagues, nature etc. The question also arises as to what extent our decisions influence our surroundings. Although we alone are responsible for our decisions it is of course possible that in spite of this there will be some influence in one direction or another.

To illustrate this we can again use the model we have already introduced: The model of the awareness sphere represents our awareness – that is our ability to live the basic rights of existence – as a bright, white light sphere around us. Within this sphere our light is so bright that we can perceive the consequences of our decisions, outside this sphere the light intensity quickly diminishes, so that our perception is no longer clear enough with respect to seeing the consequences of our decisions. In just the same way this also applies to those objectives which are incompatible with the basic rights of existence. We have represented our abilities to achieve these goals with coloured spheres.

In addition we can use the model we introduced in the previous section of the tuning bowls with different sounds for characterizing our objectives. According to this we send out a certain sound with our tuning bowl for each incompatible goal. In making a decision we use as our guideline that objective which vibrates the most intensively, i.e. which sounds the loudest.

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