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Learning to live the basic rights of existence


From the above thoughts we can conclude that the desired state of harmony on the earth can only be achieved if the basic rights of existence are followed one hundred percent. The less frequently we violate the basic rights of existence, or the better we live a life of unconditional love, the closer we find ourselves to our highest of all goals, internal harmony as well as harmony with our environment. If other beings violate the basic rights of existence, this only influences us indirectly at the most. We can decide for ourselves whether we wish to respect the basic rights of existence in a given situation or not, therefore the achievement of lasting harmony for ourselves and for the environment depends entirely on us! It is entirely us alone who can control how quickly, or whether, we wish to achieve the highest objective of all people. We will come back to this in later chapters.


The development towards the top of the needs hierarchy can be imagined as a study course with lots of lessons. Every lesson thereby corresponds with a characteristic or a capability, which is necessary for respecting of the basic rights of existence. The more lessons which have been successfully completed, the closer a being is to his goal and the greater is this being’s capability of respecting the basic rights of existence. The objective can only be reached if all lessons have been successfully completed.

No path can get round the basic rights of existence. Life on earth gives every being every day innumerable possibilities of following these rights or of violating them. We will also discuss this subject in the next chapters.

Now let’s return to the question of the effects of a violation of the basic rights of existence: As soon as we commit a violation, the corresponding lesson is set back again to «pending» (if it has not already been set back). Apparently we still cannot master the capabilities taught in this lesson in every situation. As a result we will again have the opportunity to respond to the law in similar situations. In other words: Due to this violation of the basic rights of existence we will be able to repeat this lesson again sometime in the future. And indeed as often as we need until we can successfully conclude this lesson and there is no acute danger of a «relapse». Possibly it is also necessary or helpful, for this purpose, to feel the consequences of a given violation of the basic rights of existence by others on your own life and limb.


Whoever keeps on making the same mistake will therefore stagnate in his own development. He gets no closer to the great objective of all beings and under certain circumstances he even gets further away from it, because this incorrect behaviour becomes habitual like an automatic mechanism. In our comparison with a series of studies this corresponds to a student who does not fulfil a necessary precondition for going up to the next level: He must wait until the corresponding lesson is offered the next time. Then he can go to this lesson and possibly complete it successfully. Otherwise he repeats the whole procedure time after time and makes no progress in his studies.


The repetition of individual lessons must not however be interpreted as a punishment in any way, but rather as help in learning. We would also not describe our schools as punishment for the ignorant student, but rather as a service or an aid so that young people can prepare themselves for an independent life.

In the same way it is also important to point out that concepts of cosmic punishment, as they are portrayed in certain religions or ideologies, (for example hell for bad people, bodily or mental suffering as punishment for earlier crimes etc.) are completely false interpretations. Through such punishments indeed the equality of rights for all human beings according to the basic rights of existence would be violated!

Another serious false interpretation has already led to the demise of many people: With every breath and every step that we take we influence other beings on this earth. It is therefore possible to draw from this the (false) conclusion that it would be better not to be here any longer and hence to commit suicide. This is of course pure nonsense since here too we have a basic right to live, we may move, take food etc. There are beings on the earth (plants and animals), amongst whose tasks it may be to feed us as human beings. All beings have a right to life, to development and to the carrying out of their tasks – in this category belong also, but not exclusively, human beings.

Since a while ago we discussed a violation of the basic rights of existence, we would now for safety’s sake mention once again the effect of following the basic rights of existence: The respective person will continue to develop personally. In time he finds peace within himself, becomes calmer and happier. Let’s briefly summarize this again:

  • Each enclosed system has certain irreversible rules of play, which must be followed by every participant. Whoever does not follow these rules will be corrected in one way or another.

  • In the earth system this irreversible rule of play is «all beings have the equal right to live on the earth, to develop themselves and carry out their tasks ». We call this rule the basic rights of existence.

  • All beings without exception must respect the basic rights of existence. For example the more consistently a human being „lives“ the basic rights of existence, the closer he comes to his objective of perpetual harmony and peace within himself and his environment.

  • Non-observance of the basic rights of existence leads to repetition of the respective lesson(s) and thereby slows down a being’s development.

  • The achievement of perpetual harmony, the highest objective of human needs, only depends on each individual person alone. No one can force a person to achieve this goal. In reverse it is also practically impossible to prevent someone from achieving this goal.

As already indicated we would like to show how this development actually happens in the next few sections.

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