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Nature will help us

  From the discussion concerning human development and the awareness sphere, the transmitting of our objectives via the tuning bowls and mutual influencing within groups it is possible to come to the conclusion, that the objective of human existence is to bring light or awareness to the earth. In other words we human beings should be the rescuers or saviours of the earth! This however would be a somewhat incorrect conception:

Although we have previously almost exclusively only considered the development of human beings, the basic rights of existence are valid for all beings. In this we must use the term «being» in a very broad sense: Under this heading – apart from all living beings on the earth (humans, animals, plants) – we also include the earth itself, every stone, all the water, air etc. All other beings as well as humans are in a state of development. In the model of the sphere we can therefore also imagine their abilities with respect to living the basic rights of existence as white spheres around their bodies1.

Every stone, every plant, every tree, every animal and every mountain is at a certain stage of development just like every person. All beings have a certain awareness which can be represented by a white light sphere around their physical bodies. The group dynamic discussed earlier (the abilities of a group are greater than the sum of all the abilities of its individual members and the mutual activation of objectives), which exists within a group of like-minded people, is therefore also possible within a group of different beings. Thus for example our own awareness sphere could overlap with that of a tree. In this way it is possible that as discussed earlier additional abilities would be available to us for living the basic rights of existence. We use this fact – in general unconsciously, in that for example we set out plants, stones and crystals in our home.


An intermediate question: Do you also have plants, crystals or stones in your home? Are they genuine or plastic? If for example plants really were only intended to be looked at, then you could set out plants made of plastic just as well. They look perfect, they bloom the whole year round, are long-lasting and easy to care for. Perhaps however with your intuition you have felt that special something about a real plant or a crystal and that is why you set it out in your home.

For holidays most of us particularly like to go to the sea, to mountains or into a forest. In the open, healthy coutryside we can feel this harmony and we can especially feel the white awareness spheres of these beings. We are happy to let them overlap with our own awareness sphere. In these surroundings we therefore have the availability of additional intuitive abilities. On top of this these beings transmit a vibration corresponding with the living of the basic rights of existence as an objective which may frequently be capable of activating our own tuning bowl. It is not for nothing that we feel particularly good in a healthy natural setting!


He who personally wants to develop with respect to the basic rights of existence, can therefore have this objective activated in the unspoiled countryside so that this is more frequently selected as a guideline for decisionmaking. Since in this situation as a rule additional intuitive abilities are available to us, it is extremely sensible to make important decisions in a healthy natural setting.

The goal of our development is however to be able to make our decisions in accordance with the basic rights of existence in every type of surrounding. It would therefore make little sense to take leave of civilisation and move into the primeval forest as a recluse. This would mean that we were fleeing from our goal.

In summary then it is extremely presumptuous to believe that we humans were intended to develop nature or even to save it2. The opposite is true: Nature can help us human beings in our development and be an example to us! Insofar as we wish to develop ourselves further with respect to the basic rights of existence, we are setting ourselves the same goal as nature. Because of this we can profit from the group dynamic with other beings in nature as discussed above, and develop ourselves more quickly.

1 The same is also true for other objectives, these too can be represented by coloured spheres.

2 If we respected the plants and animals as beings with the right to independent development, then for example any form of gene manipulation or animal testing – no matter for what purpose – would lose its legitimacy.

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