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  Sooner or later the question arises as to why we «must» influence our subconscious in order to develop permanent harmony within ourselves. Why «must» we ourselves want this development so that it takes place? If this goal is somehow «somewhere» within us then why doesn’t this development automatically take place towards this goal without our having to do anything and without effort!

The answer to these objections can more or less be found in the goal itself: According to the basic rights of existence each living being has the equal right to live here, to develop and to carry out its tasks. Each can decide for himself toward which goal he wants to develop. No one forces us to live the basic rights of existence, or to strive for our own internal perpetual harmony. We can do what we want or not – however we must also live with the consequences of our decisions.


We can also represent this using the two models for human development discussed earlier:

  • No one forces us to build our own pyramid of personal development. We can also dig holes or do nothing. It is just that in this way we will never achieve the highest objective.
  • No one forces us to stop wearing our glasses of subjective perception. We can continue to apply our judgements or even put on additional glasses. It is just that in this way again we will never achieve the highest objective.

Our free will will be respected in any event. Development within the sense of the basic rights of existence will only take place if we want it. We normally express this will by our objectives. We will therefore deal in more detail with the setting and achievement of objectives in the following sections.

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