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The basis of our being


Sooner or later – and at the latest shortly before death – everyone will ponder about why we are here, what keeps life going on the earth, how life started, what happens after death, why a plant grows from a seed, whether there are other «inhabited» planets etc. Perhaps we will also concern ourselves with the future of the earth and pose the question of how the many and diverse problems on our planet can ever be solved.

In order – at least to a small extent – to be able to answer such questions, it is important to know what is the actual basis for our being. The answer to this question is astonishingly simple:

The basis of all life on our planet is the equal right of all beings to live here, to develop here and to carry out their tasks here.

Does this make you rub your eyes? Are you not astonished that it isn’t a chemical formula or a physical process which is the basis of our being? Such processes are naturally an essential precondition for that which we call «life» on earth. The basis of our being however is significantly deeper. Let us therefore analyse this sentence step by step:

  1. Every being on earth has the equal right to be here: Every person, every animal, every plant, every stone, every little pile of earth may be here. There are no individual people, plants or things which may not be here. There are no individual beings which are more important than the others – all are exactly as important as one another.
  2. Every being has the equal right to develop. Every being may try to bring his personal goals, his needs to reality. There is no being, which has more right to a faster or a higher priority development than all the others. Nobody therefore may develop themselves at the expense of others.
  3. Every being has the equal right to carry out his tasks. The „system earth“ only functions as it does thanks to the interplay of all the inhabitants. In a large cycle all beings work «hand in hand». There is no reason why the tasks of one being should have priority over the tasks of other beings. All the tasks must be carried out so that «the earth» can function. All tasks are necessary, they are consequently all equally important or equally unimportant.

The above statement is a so-called cosmic law, i.e. a law which is always valid everywhere in the whole cosmos. All beings have to fit in with this rule no matter whether they wish to or not. In this book we will only concentrate however on the consequences of this basic rule for our system on earth.

All other meaningful laws on the earth must be compatible with this basic rule and may not violate it. In the following we will simply refer to this law as «the basic rights of existence».

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