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The consequences of being overtaxed by a task


By carrying out a task which is too demanding, the person carrying it out in the first place impedes his own development. In considering the development of humankind we have seen that further development is only possible in stages. Just as for a pyramid the individual stones and layers must be symmetrically placed on top of one another one layer at a time. If someone is overtaxed by a given task, he is attempting to insert stones into a pyra­mid in which the lower stones are still missing, or are not correctly fixed. It is not possible to leave out individual building stones and then insert them later! Such an attempt is a pure waste of time.

Even if too demanding a task has been carried out in full accord with the basic rights of existence, it cannot lead to expansion of awareness. We have illustrated this above on the basis of the pyramid model, and earlier with the primary school child who attended a lecture on the theory of relativity at university.

Using the model of the awareness sphere we have similarly established that it can only be expanded continuously and also only from inside. It is not possible to simply jump over individual diameters of the sphere.

Let’s now consider the three possible cases when a person takes on a task:

a) The task is matched to the awareness of the person

The person, who carries out the task can also perceive the many indi­rect consequences of his decision within the scope of this task. We can therefore assume that he will carry out this task well and responsibly. The person carrying it out can also develop himself further in solving this task.

b) The task is too demanding for the person

The person, who carries out the task – if he exhausts his competencies – with high probability will make decisions, the consequences of which he cannot perceive with the abilities available to him. The person will notice this if he uses his basic common sense and his intuition. If in spite of this he carries out the task, he cannot develop further with this task. There is also a great risk that the rights of other beings according to the basic rights of existence will be impeded.

c) The task is not demanding enough for the person

For the person carrying it out this task is too boring. He is no longer correctly challenged and thus cannot develop any further. There is moreover the risk that his attention will diminish leading to false decisions.

Case a) is good both for the environment and for the respective person, cases b) and c) are bad for both! No one can therefore have any serious interest that someone should carry out tasks which are too demanding or not demanding enough.

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