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The development of human beings


In the first chapter we saw that a human being strives for a state of total happiness, of perfection. An inner force drives him to do this as soon as the existential needs are secured. With the most diverse escapades, for example by accomplishing extreme physical performances, putting himself in great danger, tests of courage, drugs, certain spiritual rituals and activities, he succeeds in feeling this highest of all states for a given few moments. In reality however the human being is really seeking to experience this feeling of happiness and inner calm permanently afterwards.

Then in the second chapter we looked at the basic rights of existence as irreversible fundamental rules in our system and saw that the state of perpetual happiness is only possible through the deliberate respecting of the basic rights of existence. Most of us still violate these fundamental rules relatively frequently. To get closer to the state of harmony and inner peace to which we aspire, further development of our own personality is therefore necessary.

In this chapter we would now like to examine how this development can take place and how we can influence it ourselves.

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