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The virtuoso in the element


There is yet another explanation as to why the basic rights of existence really have to be lived and that it is insufficient to simply not violate this law:

If we always have to watch out that we don’t violate the basic rights of existence in order to reach the permanent state of total harmony, we live in continual fear that we will violate the law in spite of trying not to. This would be a negative form of motivation: I learn swimming so that I don’t drown; I take part in a dancing course so that I don’t step on my dancing partner’s toes; I practise a musical instrument, so that I don’t produce wrong notes etc.

Will someone who learns to swim so that he doesn’t drown be able to fully enjoy swimming? Surely he will never feel happy but will always be battling against the fear of drowning. Will someone who only practises his musical instrument for fear of making wrong notes ever be a virtuoso musician? Almost certainly not. Fear has a counterproductive effect and cannot lead to enjoyment and fulfilment.


It is therefore certainly reasonable that in order to achieve the permanent state of total harmony it is necessary to live the basic rights of existence, to acquire an automatic mechanism, so that the law is automatically followed or even lived without the need for any thought about it. Just like a musician who fuses with his instrument and therefore can give a concert in a state of enjoyment and fulfilment.

To be able to feel happy, to feel he is in his element is only possible if that person is «one» with his corresponding activity, or if he is «wrapped up in it». This is only possible in the long term if we have internalized all the laws of the corresponding activity and know how to deal with them. Each person must have the certainty himself that he can master this activity like a virtuoso in every situation. In that this activity concerns the living of our own life, these laws are the basic rights of existence.

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