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We have everything under control

  The advances in science and technology have brought about an incredibly strong belief in the rationality of all events amongst many people. What cannot be explained scientifically is frequently not accepted, not spoken about or explained away by other means. In reverse this mentality has led in the case of certain people to everything being viewed as «esoteric» and controlled by the stars. Both attitudes are completely absurd. In our lives there are events which can be explained rationally as well as those which cannot be explained.

Those who deny those occurrences or characteristics in their lives which cannot be rationally explained, automatically shut themselves off from all considerations about the meaning of life, about the reason for and the objectives of our existence and that of other beings.

Those who want to develop personally with respect to the basic rights of existence, must therefore recognize, that there are things on the earth which we can explain and understand scientifically and there are also things on the earth which we (at least to the present day) cannot explain or understand. Both the parts of our world which can be explained as well as those which cannot be explained still have their legitimacy. Both parts are present whether we accept this or not.

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