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Words are simpler than deeds

  As logical and plausible as development with respect to the basic rights of existence may appear to be, its translation into the practicality of everyday life is not that easy. It is in fact a very serious and demanding undertaking, which demands considerable energy and cannot simply be achieved «on the side».

It is not that difficult to see as an observer what we or others should actually do in order to live the basic rights of existence in a given situation. However it is exactly what we really should do which is generally the main difficulty. The difficulty doesn’t lie in the theory or in the strategy but in carrying it out in practice.

There is a significant number of people who are not sufficiently aware of this distinction. They believe that in themselves they wish to live the basic rights of existence, but in reality they merely talk about it. As we have seen in earlier sections advances in personal development are only possible by actually implementing the basic rights of existence in our own lives. Just talking about it does not produce any development whatsoever.

We should particularly remember this when we find ourselves wanting to help others with their development by offering good advice. It cannot therefore be repeated often enough: Our maximum personal contribution to the general wellbeing of everything on earth consists in our own personal development, in other words in our personal implementation of the basic rights of existence in our lives, how we ourselves live the basic rights of existence in every situation – and not in participating in discussions or offering advice to others!

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