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Consultative help and accompaniment

It often happens that we get caught in a cul-de-sac with our thoughts or we would like to discuss a particular decision or plan with a neutral person. Do you think that we could be of help to you here? If so then simply make contact with us – without obligation. We will make every effort to get involved in your concern in the sense that we will help you to help yourself and hence find a sensible solution together.

The range of our consultative themes is wide and extends from the treatment of bodily or psychological disorders, advice in the case of important personal or business decisions, advice on ethically-correct behaviour in everyday commercial life up to the integration of different teams following company mergers or acquisitions. As an illustration of this there follows an incomplete selection of our activities in the past:

In the personal area

  • Establishment and realization of personal objectives for life
  • Building up of self-confidence
  • Advice in real life crises
  • Resolving of fears and blockages
  • Elimination of states of exhaustion
In the business area

  • Help in complex decisionmaking processes
  • Establishment and implementation of meaningful company objectives
  • Advising and coaching of teams on efficient and pleasant cooperation
  • Inclusion of the intuition in business decisionmaking: Training, consultation and accompaniment
  • Fairness and ethics in business relationships
  • Awareness of self-responsibility as an employee or the owner of a company
  • Advice on innovation: Conception of new, meaningful products
  • Assessment and selection of cooperation partners
  • Integrated project assessments
  • Arrangement of finance for ethically-meaningful projects

We will also be happy to carry out lectures. A 1 – 2 hour presentation is often very suitable to present our way of thinking and methods using a specific subject in a “non-binding” way. For example as an initial stage in the organization of internal seminars or if the coaching of a group of people is under discussion.
The basis of our activities is always the respecting of the basic rights of existence as described in the book “ABC of Awareness”. If you think that we can be of help to you then why not make contact with us – without any obligation. You can reach us either by e-mail or by means of the traditional letter, telephone or fax. All enquiries will of course be handled in strict confidence. You can find our address here.

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