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Definition of soul

The soul designates the immortal essence of a being. The soul is the seat of the personality and true character of a person.

Most of the large religions accept the soul as the most important and ethereal substance of a human being. However, there are – depending on the respective religion – different concepts about what happens to the soul after the death of a person.

According to the concept put forward on this website, our soul is immortal and retreats after death into other spheres before it may decide to reincarnate for another time. For further information, please refer to our information about reincarnation and the life cycle of human beings .

A soul is not unique to human beings: Plants, animals and many other beings do have their own soul, too. These souls do have at least partially different life cycles, however.

The term soulmate (or soul mate) is used to designate someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity or compatibility.

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  2. Man live with their soul
    Soul is the eternal and important thing of human being. It’s divine and people feel it even after a man’s death.

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