Pros and cons of nuclear power

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Solar, not nuclear

We have received a valuable contribution about using concentrated solar energy (CSP) instead of nuclear energy. This comment was put into an extra page to make it easier to find for people who are looking for alternatives to nuclear energy after they read the cons of nuclear power above.

International nuclear power news

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Supply of Uranium for nuclear power

The indication of the depletion time for the Uranium resources is based on a background paper prepared by the German Energy Watch Group on December 2006. The report has the title "Uranium Resources and Nuclear Energy ".

This report is based on official statistical data available from IAEA and from NEA. Some people in the atomic industry and many promoters of nuclear power currently pretend that supply of Uranium would last much longer. However, there is a lot of speculations and hope for not yet available technologies involved in their predictions.

The Energy Watch Group consists of independent scientists and experts who investigate sustainable concepts for global energy supply. The group is initiated by the German member of parliament Hans-Josef Fell.