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  • Australia politics live: Noel Pearson condemns ‘squalid’ Nationals and ‘kindergarten child’ leader over rejection of voice
    on 2022-11-28 at 21:39 at 21:39

    Liberals yet to reach a position on the referendum, which is expected by end of 2023. Follow the day’s news liveGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastBipartisanship cedes to brinkmanship in battle over integrity commissionMeanwhile, Mark Dreyfus is preparing to stare down the Liberals and the Greens over an amendment to the national anti-corruption commission legislation which Dreyfus says risks establishing the commission and the Liberals and Greens say will ensure it won’t be political. Continue reading…

  • Here are some crucial issues we’re covering in 2023 – with your help | Betsy Reed
    on 2022-11-28 at 19:28 at 19:28

    The new Guardian US editor sets out some of our key priorities for 2023, including abortion rights, the climate crisis and investigations into the powers shaping American lifeThis Giving Tuesday, please consider a year-end gift to the Guardian to support our journalism in the coming yearOn election night this November, the Guardian’s reporters fanned out across the country, keeping close watch on key races targeted by the election-denial movement instigated by Donald Trump. Candidates who embraced Trump’s “big lie” about the 2020 election sought control over pivotal offices that would allow them to tip the balance toward Trump when he tries to reclaim the presidency in 2024.To the relief of our readers, as well as millions of Americans, their efforts failed spectacularly.Abortion rights. There are few areas where Trump’s damaging legacy is more evident than reproductive rights. His appointments to the supreme court, made with the intention of ending the constitutional right to abortion, will profoundly affect the health and freedom of people in this country for years to come. We’ll be reporting on the human impact of abortion bans – and the inspiring movement that is fighting back. The climate crisis. Despite the Biden administration’s landmark law to decarbonize the US economy, fossil fuel emissions continue to rise, and Republican control of the House of Representatives will bring with it aggressive attempts to roll back progress. We’ll be closely tracking the implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act, including efforts by the fossil fuel industry and the right wing to stymie change. We will also double down on our groundbreaking environmental justice coverage, exposing how communities that lack racial and economic privilege bear the brunt of government and corporate negligence. Investigations. In 2023, we’ll be digging deeper into the powers secretly shaping the contours of American life. We know a lot, for example, about the toxins tainting our food and water – but it takes a different kind of reporting to pin down the corporate actors responsible for spreading them, and the government regulators who have failed to protect the public. From police unions to gun manufacturers to crypto titans to rightwing pressure groups, we will reveal the influential networks whose machinations lie at the root of the crises we report on every day, whether it’s racism in the criminal justice system or soaring economic inequality. Continue reading…

  • Tories will not reach ‘embarrassingly poor’ nature targets by 2030, Labour says
    on 2022-11-28 at 14:13 at 14:13

    Opposition to unveil plan to reverse biodiversity loss rather than simply halting it, which is government’s current targetThe government will not be able to achieve its nature targets by 2030, even though they are “embarrassingly poor”, the shadow environment minister and leading wildlife groups have said.Next week at the Cop15 biodiversity conference in Montreal, Alex Sobel will be discussing Labour’s “science-led, joined-up plan to tackle the climate and ecological emergency”. The plan will aim to reverse biodiversity loss by 2030, rather than simply halting it, which is the government’s current target. Continue reading…

  • Rowan Williams urges wealthy to stump up cash for climate fund
    on 2022-11-28 at 12:30 at 12:30

    Former archbishop of Canterbury says richest nations and individuals must take lead on ‘loss and damage’Rich countries and wealthy individuals must urgently consider how to come up with the cash needed to help poor countries afflicted by climate disaster, the former archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has said.At the Cop27 UN climate summit in Egypt, which finished a week ago after a marathon final session ran more than 50 hours over deadline, the first steps were taken to establish a “loss and damage” fund for vulnerable countries stricken by extreme weather. Continue reading…

  • Climate concern the main reason voters swung to independents at federal election, study finds
    on 2022-11-27 at 14:00 at 14:00

    Nearly half of voters who switched to an independent candidate at 2022 election did so because of climate fears, researchers sayFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastConcern about the climate crisis was the No 1 issue that prompted Australians to switch their vote to an independent candidate at this year’s federal election, according to in-depth social research.It was the No 2 issue that led to people to swing to Labor, behind concern about the cost of living – including affordable housing. Continue reading…

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