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  • Greens aim to appeal to environment-minded Labour supporters
    on 19. November 2019 at 06:00

    ‘Green new deal’ at heart of manifesto to be outlined in election broadcast on TuesdayThe Green party is to target environment-minded Labour voters by stressing its status as the only major party committed to zero carbon emissions by 2030, the centrepiece of 10 planned pieces of legislation in its election manifesto.The party’s co-leaders, Sian Berry and Jonathan Bartley, are due to formally launch the manifesto in London on Tuesday morning.We believe that the escalating climate crisis is the defining issue of our lifetimes and that the planet is in the grip of an emergency. We know that our readers and supporters around the world care passionately about this too, as so many of you have told us.A second EU referendum.At least £6bn extra a year for the NHS. Scrapping university fees. A “sustainable economy bill” to ensure the economy functions within environmental limits. A “future generations bill”, requiring decisions to consider the needs of the future. Creating a universal basic income. Building 100,000 zero-carbon social rented homes a year.Improving tenants’ rights and lowering rents. Introducing proportional representation voting and an elected upper house of parliament. Continue reading…

  • Hunger strikers target Pelosi in push for Democrats to take action on climate crisis
    on 18. November 2019 at 21:11

    Activists occupy speaker’s office to mark start of hunger strike and to demand that she meet with them for an hour on cameraYoung activists frustrated and frightened by Democrats’ inaction on the climate crisis occupied the office of the top Democrat in Congress on Monday to mark the beginning of a hunger strike.Roughly a dozen strikers with Extinction Rebellion are taking part in a global climate hunger strike that nearly 300 people have pledged to join. Related: ‘People should be terrified’: one teen’s hunger strike over the climate crisis Continue reading…

  • Renewable energy: climate crisis ‘may have triggered faster wind speeds’
    on 18. November 2019 at 19:23

    Windfarms could be able to generate more energy due to phenomenon, says reportThe global climate crisis could lead to more renewable electricity being generated by spurring faster wind speeds for the world’s growing number of windfarms, according to research.Scientists have discovered that the world’s shifting ocean circulation patterns may have triggered a rapid increase in wind speeds over the last 10 years. Related: Climate change: do more now or risk catastrophe, warns energy agency We believe that the escalating climate crisis is the defining issue of our lifetimes and that the planet is in the grip of an emergency. We know that our readers and supporters around the world care passionately about this too, as so many of you have told us. Continue reading…

  • Scientist says rightwing thinktank misrepresented her Great Barrier Reef study
    on 18. November 2019 at 17:00

    Tara Clark says the central claim of the Institute of Public Affairs’ YouTube film attacking her coral report is wrongA coral scientist whose work is attacked in a mini-documentary from the Institute of Public Affairs says the rightwing thinktank has misrepresented her study.The IPA says its YouTube film, Beige Reef, is a “must watch” because it shows healthy Acropora corals living at Stone Island, near Bowen. This, the film claims, is in a place where a study published in 2016 claimed all those corals had died. Related: Great Barrier Reef: scientists find high levels of pesticides and blast chemical regulator Sign up to receive the top stories from Guardian Australia every morning Related: Coral cover around popular Great Barrier Reef islands has almost halved Continue reading…

  • The Greta Thunberg effect: are climate crisis documentaries feeling it?
    on 18. November 2019 at 16:24

    Damon Gameau explains why children are at the heart of 2040, his film about tackling the climate emergency – and why they’re its key audience, tooThe eco documentary 2040 is a gentle antidote to environmental anxiety. Directed by Damon Gameau, it imagines a world 20 years from now, free from the climate crisis that’s gobbling up our globe. Committed to changing the nihilistic narrative surrounding climate change, Gameau takes his audience on a search for solutions and offers up a message of hope.As 2040 is released, however, the doom and gloom of the climate crisis Gameau’s documentary takes pains to avoid is inescapable. Australia is ablaze. New South Wales, where he lives with his wife and two children, is experiencing the worst bushfires the country has ever seen. His daughter, to whom 2040 is dedicated, is unable to attend school. For Gameau, the irony of this tragedy stings. “Thousand of school kids were derided for protesting against the very thing that’s now forcing them to miss school,” he says. “People are so frustrated. They’re overwhelmed. They’re angry. Our government is still denying that the fires are climate related. The cognitive dissonance is remarkable.” Related: A vision of 2040: everything we need for a sustainable world already exists Continue reading…

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