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  • Green investment bond offers 9% return – but there is a risk
    on 2021-04-17 at 06:00 at 06:00

    While the climate-themed product seems attractive, it is not for the faint-heartedGreen-minded individuals with an appetite for risk are being targeted by a new investment paying an eye-catching 9% interest a year.This five-year green bond, launched this week by the crowdfunding platform Abundance Investment, seeks to raise £4m for a private company called Iduna to finance the installation of 50 new electric vehicle charging points in Greater Manchester, provided in partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester. Continue reading…

  • Rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide continues unabated
    on 2021-04-17 at 05:00 at 05:00

    Despite Covid-induced reductions in industrial activity last year, climate concerns remain Every day, above where this column appears in the newspaper, the latest daily atmospheric carbon dioxide readings are recorded in parts per million from the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii.Week by week they keep rising and make for grim reading. We are within a whisker of 420ppm, 50% more than the 280ppm of pre-industrial times, before we began to burn oil and coal in significant quantities. Continue reading…

  • How can Australia get to net zero by 2050? – Australian politics podcast
    on 2021-04-16 at 20:00 at 20:00

    Katharine Murphy sits down with Labor MP Chris Bowen to talk about Labor’s potential roadmap to zero net emissions. Why is Australia lagging so badly behind in the electric vehicle market? Why have the past 10 years needed for crucial changes been squandered? How will Labor win over voters who are reluctant for the looming and necessary transition? Continue reading…

  • Environment minister Sussan Ley says climate action not her portfolio in stoush with states
    on 2021-04-16 at 20:00 at 20:00

    Ley understood to have told state counterparts coordinating with them on climate mitigation beyond her portfolioThe environment minister, Sussan Ley, has rebuffed a push by her state counterparts to be kept in the loop about the Morrison government’s plans for climate action ahead of international talks in Glasgow in November – telling them she is not responsible for mitigation efforts.Several sources have confirmed to Guardian Australia there was a stoush in Thursday’s meeting between Ley and a number of state ministers, both Liberal and Labor. Related: Morrison government can’t conceal inaction on climate from US with ‘smoke and mirrors’ Related: Failure is not an option. Australia must radically scale up its climate targets now | Will Steffen for the Conversation Continue reading…

  • The race for rare earth minerals: can Australia fuel the electric vehicle revolution?
    on 2021-04-16 at 20:00 at 20:00

    China dominates supply of the elusive metals, which are vital to modern technology, but finding new sources is becoming a global priorityThere are an estimated 1.4bn cars on the world’s roads today. Around 78m new cars are sold every year. To head off the worst effects of climate change, every single one will need to go electric eventually.Whether it rolls off a production line in Fremont, California, or comes together in a vast megafactory in Qinghai, China, a colossal amount of human effort must go into building the components and obtaining their base minerals. In each car, for instance, there is roughly a kilogram of magnet providing the motion needed to fire engines and electrify windows. Roughly 30% of this material is made up of rare earth material known as neodymium and praseodymium (NdPr). Continue reading…

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