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CO2 data: Your personal responsibility

It is certainly true that China will become the primary contributor of CO2 emissions in the next years. However, if you look at CO2 emission per capita by country you still see a huge difference between USA and China (In the year 2002, US emission was 20 tons of CO2 per capita and China's emission was 2.9 tons per capita. In other words: on average each US citizen is emitting 6 to 7 times more CO2 than a Chinese).

You also see a big difference if you have a look at the cumulative CO2 emissions by country from 1900 until today. This view is important because CO2 has a lifetime in the atmosphere of 50 to 200 years.

This does not change anything for the USA nor for any other developed country:

All rich countries must reduce their CO2 emissions!

Our charts of CO2 emissions and graphs of energy consumptions are not meant to blame a specific country, we hope the charts will help to understand the cause and effects of global warming .

It is also about personal responsibility for what we do or do not do! The CO2 emissions are caused by human behaviour. If we reduced our personal energy consumption, the emissions of greenhouse gases and many other negative side effects would decrease. Instead of trying to find someone (or a country), who is harming the environment more than ourselves, we should try to minimize our own negative effect on Nature. This is our personal responsibility.