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Book «ABC of Awareness»

Personal Development as the Meaning of Life

This book explains human development on the basis of easily-understood examples and simple models. It is intended to arouse thinking about your own life and to offer help as to how we can specifically change our lives.
The author describes how we can achieve constant harmony and inner peace. The right choice and deliberate pursuing of our own, self-selected goals take on a key role in this so that we can achieve our own goals and not let ourselves be manipulated by others.

Web seminar «Spiritual growth for a higher consciousness»

Web seminar on personal growth (personal spiritual growth).

Goal:To get a basic understanding of personal growth. Emphasis on higher consciousness.
Basis:Book : «ABC of awareness: Personal development as the meaning of life»
Spirituality: overview and personal spiritual growth
About end August 2007, the seminar will only take place if there is enough demand for it.
Duration:About 3 months
Time required: On average about two to three hours per week
No cost, free


Consultative help and accompaniment

It often happens that we get caught in a cul-de-sac with our thoughts or we would like to discuss a particular decision or plan with a neutral person. Do you think that we could be of help to you here? If so then simply make contact with us – without obligation. We will make every effort to get involved in your concern in the sense that we will help you to help yourself and hence find a sensible solution together.

The range of our consultative themes is wide and extends from the treatment of bodily or psychological disorders, advice in the case of important personal or business decisions, advice on ethically-correct behaviour in everyday commercial life up to the integration of different teams following company mergers or acquisitions. As an illustration of this there follows an incomplete selection of our activities in the past:

Seminars about personality development (personal growth)

At present we are offering our public seminars only in German-speaking areas. For more detailed information please turn to our Swiss Homepage

We will however be happy to provide internal company or closed seminars in English, Swedish and Danish. The subject areas for seminars and lectures include amongst others:

  • Meaning of life
  • Personal development
  • Self-determination and self-responsibility
  • Awareness
  • Intuition 
  • Awareness and responsibility in business life
  • More enthusiasm at work

If you think that we can be of help to you then why not make contact with us - without any obligation. You can reach us either by e-mail or by means of the traditional letter, telephone or fax. All enquiries will of course be handled in strict confidence. You can find our address here.

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