News in April 2007

During the last weeks, we have again added a number of new articles about different topics. We only mention some of them here, see the list for all recently added texts here .


Nuclear phase-out pros

We received feedback that our list of pros and cons of nuclear power sounds so negative. Therefore we have added an additional article about the advantages of nuclear phase-out . The nuclear power phase-out opens a whole window of opportunities for renewable technologies. Using the example of Germany, we can easily show that renewable energies act like a job-creating machine.

In another article we shed some light on the true cost of nuclear energy. It is very surprising to see that the nation carries the risks for the operators of nuclear power plants while operators of other technologies to generate electricity have to carry the risks themselves. The cost for electricity from non-nuclear sources does of course include the respective costs for the liability insurance. This is not the case for nuclear power, however. Apparently, nuclear power can only be competitive if the cost of the risks are not added to the cost of the electricity generated.


Mitigation of global warming - get your feet wet!

How fast do changes in the carbon dioxide emissions affect the average temperature increase? What are the effects of some proposed global warming solutions? If you like to get a feeling for the relation between the average temperature increase and the carbon dioxide emissions, run your own simulations with our „global warming calculator" for Excel or OpenOffice. Alternatively, we have calculated some results based on different scenarios of reduced CO2 emissions.

Proposed solutions to global warming must be seen on the background of the increasing world population . World's population is expected to growth from 6.6 billion in the year 2007 to about 9.4 billion people in 2050. This will have a major impact on the CO2 emissions, too!

BTW: We plan to publish an article about the spiritual background of the increasing world population in the near future.

I do hope you enjoy reading and wish you all the best

Juerg Rohrer