News in September 2007

After a break of several weeks, we have again added a number of new articles about different topics. We only mention some of them here, see the list for all recently added texts here .


Carbon footprint calculator

Our online carbon footprint calculator is now available for registered users. You can save individual contributions to your personal carbon footprint, like e.g. a trip by airplane, a trip by car, gas or oil for heating, electricity, etc. Each contribution is called a "carbon stamp" and saved together with the respective date. This allows to sum up the personal carbon footprint over a period of time (usually a year).

We have provided a sample carbon footprint and a short how-to for an easier start. Alternatively, you can download our off-line carbon footprint calculator (OpenOffice or Excel), which might be easier to calculate the CO2 emissions of a single event.


Which is the best religion?

At least here in Europe we can observe an increasing discomfort about people believing in other religions. On the other hand, many people have now and then some doubts whether their own religion is the best or whether it would be better to convert to a different belief. Others turn away from all religions and some even reject any kind of spirituality. Don't we need religions any more? Are they a concept of the past? Read the article about religions here.

I do hope you enjoy reading and wish you all the best

Juerg Rohrer