Is nuclear power a global warming solution?


The main topic of this newsletter is the following question: Is nuclear power a global warming solution? During the last months, we have again added a number of new pages about different topics. We only mention some of them here, see the list for all recently added texts here .


Who is building new nuclear power plants?

There has been a lot of talking about the renaissance of nuclear power in the light of global warming and increasing oil prices. So let's have a look at the global situation: Who is building new nuclear power stations and who is just talking about? (for details, click on the title and read this article)

We can summarize that new nuclear power plants are currently only being installed in countries where there is no free market for electricity or where nuclear power gets subsidized by the government or where geopolitical goals (Iran, Libia, Brasilia) are the main focus.

At the same time, both the number of active nuclear power plants and the electricity produced from nuclear energy has been decreasing worldwide. What we see is not a renaissance of the nuclear industry. It is only a renaissance for the propaganda of the atomic industry! (for details, click on the title and read this article)


How much CO2 is produced by atomic energy?

He have already shown in this article that nuclear power can only have very limited effects for the mitigation of global warming. One of the few pros of nuclear power is its relatively low emission of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the major causes of global warming. This is in particular true if nuclear power is compared to coal burning plants. For this reason, nuclear energy has been proposed as "the best" method to mitigate the effects of climate change. However a recent life cycle analysis showed that nuclear power produces 4 to 10 times higher CO2 emissions per kWh electricity than renewable energies. In other words: energy efficiency and renewable energies are much better alternatives. Read the full article.


Cost of new nuclear power is increasing worldwide

The cost for electricity from nuclear energy is dramatically increasing all over the world. Just the cost from electricity from old (already existing) nuclear power stations is moderate. Alternative renewable energy sources like e.g. solar energy, wind power, etc. are getting less expensive almost daily while nuclear power is getting more and more expensive. Isn't this alone a very strong indication that nuclear power is a technology from the past? Read the full article.

The Olkiluoto construction project in Finland is an example of all that can go wrong in economic terms with nuclear new build. It demonstrates the key problems of construction delays, cost overruns and hidden subsidies.

In July 2007, Oxford Research Group in London released a report about the future of civil nuclear power applications and about the threat of nuclear proliferation. It's title is "Too hot to handle?" You can find a summary here, a link to the full article is provided at the end of the summary.


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