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Personal development – personal growth

Personal development

The term «personal development» normally comprises a very wide field: Physical and psychical development from childhood to a grown up person, knowledge-oriented education, training of abilities, collecting experience as well as developing personality and character of a human being.

Personal growth for a higher consciousness

On, we primarily focus on the personal development for a higher consciousness, i.e. the development of personality as well as the consciousness of a person . This is sometimes referred to as inducing consciousness or developing awareness. Since we could not find a precise English expression for this, we call this process simply «personal development». Of course, we could have called it (personal) spiritual growth or spiritual development instead.

Personal growth as the meaning of life

The reason for most reincarnations and therefore one of the main purposes of life is the above mentioned (further) development of a higher consciousness or higher awareness. It dissolves fears and sorrows and finally leads to a living full of joy and perpetual harmony (self-realization ). Hence the slogan of «Personal growth as the meaning of life» and the title of the book «ABC of awareness – personal development as the meaning of life ».

It is important to keep in mind that personal development on this website means development of a higher consciousness or higher awareness, which is sometimes also called «spiritual growth». Personal development is not used in a broader manner here.


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