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Personal growth as the meaning of life

Primer to the meaning of life

In principle, meaning of life is the same for everybody: As multifaceted as we human beings may be, once our existential needs are covered, we all finally strive for the same thing: We want to be perpetually happy and satisfied and we want to be able to live our lives without worries and cares. This search for harmony and inner peace, for self-realization, for a higher consciousness or however we like to describe this state, as our top objective, is practically the same in all the different methods of representing human needs . Not least the advertising industry also frequently attempts to make use of this striving for happiness and harmony.


Rules to follow for a sensible way of life

Meaning of life:

Personal growth to develop

higher consciousness

From our experience we know that wherever we are or whatever we do certain rules prevail. On the roads these are the traffic regulations, in football the rules of play, in nature there are the natural laws. For those that respect these rules the corresponding activities or deeds are easier to accomplish than for those who violate these rules and therefore have to be reprimanded in one way or another. The same applies to living on earth: True meaning of life and personal growth can only be experienced if we follow certain rules.

The most important rule on the earth which all the earth's inhabitants must follow says: «Every being has an equal right to live here, to develop here and to carry out his tasks here». Because of their importance for everything on the earth we call this rule the basic rights of existence .


Meaning of life: growing a higher consciousness

The more resolutely and single-mindedly a person follows the «basic rights of existence» in all his decision making, the closer he gets to his goal of internal peace and harmony, the higher is his consciousness. From this point of view our life is nothing other than a training camp for the acquisition of the missing characteristics and abilities which we require for perpetually respecting the basic rights of existence , the most important rule in life. This is also called personal growth, spiritual growth, inducing consciousness or developing for a higher consciousness . And this is also the meaning of life.

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