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Pros and cons of global warming

Is global warming man-made?

There is no doubt any more: Global warming (climate change) has been caused by human beings through the high emission of so called greenhouse gases (mainly carbon dioxide CO2). Carbon dioxide is inevitably emitted when fossil fuels (coal, natural gas or oil) are burned.

This finding has been accepted by hundreds of climate experts and governments world-wide. No one can ignore climate change any more and call global warming "a bad illusion of some greens".

On this site, you can find information related to global warming: a definition of global warming , the cause and effects of global warming as well as potential solutions . Urgent action is needed.


Pros and cons of the effects of global warming

For an individual person, an increase of temperature can at the first glance have some advantages, like e.g. less snow to wipe away during winter time or some warm summer evenings.

However it is very shortsighted to talk about pros of global warming at all. Mankind has been negatively interfering with Nature. This can on one hand lead to catastrophic consequences on earth, on the other hand it is also counterproductive for personal human growth.

One of the main purposes of our life on earth is to find harmony with ourselves and with our environment, i.e. with Nature (see primer to the meaning of life ). How can we harm and destroy what we wanted to come in harmony with?


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