The real issues

An incandescent world in a spiral of decay
The wicked reign free as you might see but
When will it be that you see the powers that are conceived
A world with peace the world we need in this cocoon of ease
Protected we are for as long as the need to feed on the greed succeeds.

Is it in human nature to fight? Is it in nature to fight? It has to be a part of nature, thus a part of humans, and human nature. If you believe in evolution then you know due to nature selection we had to fight for our “right” to be here, and survive through the ages as our predecessors did in their time. If you think that a God or the Gods/Goddess’ are responsible for your presents in this world then you know that there have been wars in the name of God(s)/Goddess’ throughout human history. In fact there are still holy wars going on this very moment. Do you think it was your creator’s will for us to fight? There are some that believe humans were created in “his” image. Does that mean that the creator is a “fighter” and we only follow our “role model”? The history of humans is ridiculously repetitive. The Roman Empire tried to control the world, while it might be an eventual fate of this world, it will not be done by force. The Nazi Regime tried to do the same, by taking everything by force, once again failing just as the Romans did in the past. The same thing happened during the cold war. The Communist Party and the United States tried to, for lack of a better term control the world without controlling the world. The United States and other democratic nations simply gave people the ability to choose who they want to control them. The USSR and the communist party tried to control everything by removing the need for control. While it required force and is associated with negative feats of a government, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its place. “Power does not corrupt men. Fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power” (George Bernard Shaw). The simple fact is politicians always have to make promises to “fool” the people to vote for them. It might be interpreted as a necessary sacrifice people are willing to make when choosing a representative, or a perhaps a flaw in the democratic system. It should not be about the lesser of two evils as it is when choosing a representative (Obama/McCain), nor should it be like that when choosing a government. The communist ideal and desired end result is sound if examined without bias and the present connotation of force being used is ignored. Look into if you think it’s not true. If you don’t know a word used in the definition of communism or Marxism look it up as well. You will see it is a perfect utopia once it is unified across the globe. However, there are still two remaining problems, one of which will be the people who cling to the past, or fight the idea, thus resulting in violence. The second problem will be finding someone like George Washington to lead this neo-communist party and knows when it is time to step down from his position of temporary power. The time for Change is Now, please don’t fight the only possible and necessary result of our corrupt world.