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Reincarnation of our soul – rebirth explained understandable

Talking about reincarnation or rebirth is automatically talking about the life cycles of the human soul: Long time ago, our souls left their divine origin to gain some experiences in the material world. It was clear from the very beginning that the souls would eventually return back to their divine origin, however. Therefore all our souls have the strong desire to return back to where they originally came from, respectively to their original divine state.

A return to the divine origin will only be possible when the souls have reached a state of wholeness again similar to the above mentioned divine state. Concretely, this state is about personality traits, which are best described with unconditional love, (self-) honesty, happiness, modesty, humbleness, etc. Alternatively, you can describe this divine state with respecting the basic rights of existence.

Through our living in the material world (previous incarnations), the above mentioned traits have been at least partially unlearned and replaced with striving for power and prestige, financial wealth and selfishness. After the death of a human being in the material world, the soul scrutinizes whether it has reached its divine state again. If not all of the above mentioned traits have been acquired or with other words, if the basic rights of existence were not fully respected, then this stage has not (yet) been reached. Most likely, the soul will decide sooner or later to reincarnate (rebirth) on the Earth to continue its education. That is because those traits which have been unlearned in the material world (on the Earth) can also most efficiently be retrained in the material world.

Reincarnation or rebirth as training camp on Earth

Reincarnation and rebirth of our soul

Our living on Earth can therefore be described as a training camp to regain personality traits like unconditional love, self honesty, happiness, modesty and humbleness (see also our text about the development of human beings). Family, friends, acquaintances and „coincidental” encounters are our training partners for the souls on their way back to the divine origin.

The description of the non-incarnated state of our souls is deliberatively kept vague because such states or realms are very difficult to understand for incarnated beings. Intellectually or even scientifically, these concepts are absolutely impossible to understand (you could say the price you pay for being incarnated is the partial loss of understanding our relation to other realms). However, the essence of this discussion is to recognize the motivation of our souls for reincarnation (rebirth) and to hopefully draw conclusions for the personal life (being the current incarnation).

Wrong developments

On a global view, the development of the human souls as a whole is faltering to put it mildly. Instead of developing the above mentioned desirable traits leading to respecting the basic rights of existence, opposed traits like egoism, power over fellow beings and greed are being developed and even further reinforced. The affected souls – unfortunately it is the vast majority – deviate through this behaviour more and more from their divine origin. However, these souls have few alternatives left other than to reincarnate again and again. Hoping to be able at last to develop in the right direction and thus to reach their goal. (We will cover the problem of this wrong development in another text).

Incarnation and rebirth is a chance

An incarnation must not be looked at as punishment for mistakes or vile actions in earlier incarnations. From the view of the soul, each incarnation is a new chance to get closer to its return back to the divine state of origin. The soul always incarnates voluntarily (in the text about the human development, we have compared individual rebirths with taking semesters at a university). Souls who heavily surrendered to striving for power, greed and selfishness may indeed decide to reincarnate in a real trouble spot and to live under worst conditions. This is solely to physically and emotionally sense the effects of power, greed and selfishness from other beings. It happens of the soul’s free will and hoping that the impression of these bad experiences will finally lead to developing the desired traits in successive incarnations.

What are the proves for reincarnation and rebirth of human souls?

Can we prove the truthfulness of our statements? No, we can’t. It is not possible to substantiate reincarnation. On the other hand, it is not possible to prove the non-existence of reincarnation either 1).

Should you therefore simply have faith in our description of the life cycle of human souls and reincarnation / rebirth?

No, don’t do this! Make your own thoughts whether this may be right or wrong. During the process of birth on Earth we forget many relations and interconnections, which are in fact well known to our soul (you can look at this like the down-side of being incarnated). However in using our intuition or listening to our inner voice we can still access the big truths of live (our inner voice can be looked at as kind of channel to our soul). In this way, you yourself can clarify the following two questions:

  • Is it correct that human souls reincarnate on Earth?
  • Is it correct that human souls reincarnate on Earth in order to develop further personality traits like unconditional love, self honesty, happiness and modesty, respectively to learn to respect the basic rights of existence?

Before you begin however, you should release the ballast of the daily life in order not to get disturbed or influenced by others and other things, so that you can really listen to your own inner voice. There are many different ways to achieve this, e.g. go for a walk in the nature, through meditation, yoga or spiritual cleaning, etc. In our seminars about developing intuition, we recommend in addition an exercise for a conscious breathing:

Listen to your inner voice

Stay or sit straight up and breathe in – short pause – breathe out deeply and at the same time let go of all thoughts of your daily life and send them away – short pause – breathe in deeply and image that you fill your entire body with white light – short pause – breathe out deeply and at the same time let go of all thoughts of your daily life and send them away – short pause – and so on. Repeat as often as you wish, but at least four to five times.

Afterwards dedicate yourself to the above mentioned questions. Concentrate on your inner voice without becoming tight. Do you hear more „yes” or „no” when asking the questions mentioned above about reincarnation of human beings? To get certainty about the received answers, re-examine them several times on different days. Don’t get discouraged if once or several times you don’t feel anything at all. Simply try again later or on a different day.

Count on your inner voice and don’t let other people persuade you (not even us!). However when you have found out that the meaning of our life is developing personality traits like unconditional love, happiness, self honesty and humbleness, respectively to respect the basic rights of existence – then please do act accordingly. Draw the consequences for you own life. Take advantage of this incarnation. Life is about you. It is your own life. It might well be time for change.

1) By the way, this refers to everything spiritual in life: It is impossible to intellectually understand spiritual concerns. These are simply out of reach for a so called scientific (i.e. worldly) approach.

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  1. I fully agree with reincarnation and rebirth
    bless to all our soul,one of my enemy is the frustration i got when I think what big task my soul give to me,I need cooperation from other soul to do that i know the waitting for my soul,but is very hard create something without blind other body to ther own soul (modesty,self onesty and unconditional love).When we try to ignore our soul the frustration get us regardless the position we are in the socety,this can easy destroy the body we are in.I feel so happy other people like me understand right and start to give voice to thear own soul.My dream is to work together in order to put thing right for every one .my favorite say in don’t do to other what you don’t want is be don to you.each soul come from different time and space in the universe and is tru them evolution take place.ciao now.

    1. our soul
      yesterday I commented on my experiences with what I new about my connection with my own soul and also what the death of my son brought back to me!. Yet I thought my comments would have been shown in this page but with disappointment it hasn’t . Can you explain why is that so?

      1. Personal experience with your own soul

        I am very sorry, but I can’t find your comment about your soul anywhere on this system. Could it be that you forgot to save it?

        I kindly ask you to key it in again. Either here or in the discussion forum as a new topic. I am sorry for the inconvenience.


    2. re-birth of soul
      human being takes birth once and dies once. dead soul never comes back. there is no re-birth of soul.

  2. Soul or consciousness
    I hope the Buddhist view is more clear. It says that no soul is getting transfered from births to rebirth. The consciousness or character influence is affecting or influencing another new born at it s time of birth. So there may some minute similarity of these two births. There is no soul.
    If you want check thee links:

  3. i have a question, if we
    i have a question, if we (our souls) travel through generations in order to gain wholeness then why god has created hell (as a punishement)and heaven (as a reward).

    1. Does heaven and hell exist?
      As far as I know, the concept of heaven (as reward) and hell (as punishment) has been introduced by some religions. As far as I am concerned, I do not believe at all in the above mentioned concept of hell as punishment and heaven as reward. As I am writing above, if we e.g. have to go through difficult situations or times, this is a way of how life is teaching us certain things.

      1. Heaven is a different
        Heaven is a different demintion for us so regain and go out our human life forms. We all been here before prolly 100 or 300 more times jus can’t remember. There is no such thing as he’ll

      2. Does heaven and hell exist
        agree to your comment , it is a way of controlling society

    2. This would be why I don’t
      This would be why I don’t believe in heaven or hell, just a final resting place where the soul goes until it is ready to return to earth as something new.

  4. I probably shouldn’t be here
    I probably shouldn’t be here because I’m supposed to be working on a science project for school. But I completely agree. Sometimes I evaluate my own actions. Through books and TV, and a whole bunch of other things I take interest in and remember, sometimes I wonder about my past lives. I’ll look at this page again at home cuz the bell’s ringing in 5 minutes

  5. Soul
    When we leave the body does anyone believe we go back to the source and plan the next step on this planet? Does anyone believe there is more than one place to be reborn on?

  6. Reincarnation
    Reincarnation is a myth. There are three states of Soul Cycle: Before, during and after life on earth. Just like time, there is no point of return as it is not the wish to be back to amend for mistakes or chance to make good the drawbacks. Talking soul becoming a dog or donkey is funny. In this state, soul can’t act as human being. Soul gets a chance to prove to be good or bad soul. It goes through trials. Result is decided by a referee whose decision is final.

  7. Soul/Rebirth

    I have a query to know what process/procedure we should to make soul of loved ones who died accidentally like puja or something else. I lost my beloved who died 5 days earlier. Could anyone please suggest for her soul to be in peace.

    Also could anyone please suggest if re-birth is possible if we loved each other alot. Please advice.


    1. I want to know dat when we
      I want to know dat when we saw white light inside our body does it mean dat our souls journey over actually i have dat experience

  8. what makes me special
    At birth died WITH MY MOTHER then came bake to life how and I special and different??????

  9. you have so beautifully
    you have so beautifully explained the concept of reincarnation.

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