Should we become Vegetarian?

In your book, you say all beings have the equal right to live.

Does this mean that eating meat (= killing beings) is a bad thing? Would you recommend to be vegetarian?

The purpose of life

Well, it is actually not that simple!

We all have our tasks to fulfill during our live. Among these tasks can be "serve as food for other beings". In fact a lot of the animal living on our planet is based on food chains where some animals eat other animals. In other words: eating meat is not generally bad.

If you look at it from this angle of view, you cannot conclude that human beings must not eat meat. Another issue is that plants can also be regarded as beings.

However, if you eat (meat) in excess, you certainly get in conflict with the basic rule of life. And you also get in conflict with the basic rule of life if you eat meat from animals that are bred under unfair conditions.



CO2 emissions of cattle breeding (and of meat in general)

In the light of global warming, the emission of greenhouse gases (CO2, Methane, etc.) during the production of food is an important issue.

The amount of greenhouse gases caused by the production of food differs very much from one food type to the other (see table in the following articel: CO2 equivalent emissions of our food). Worst is meat and in particular beef.

Cattle breeding and global warming

There is a discussion going on about the impact of cattle breeding as a cause of globale warming.

See: Are cows the cause of global warming?