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Spirituality: spiritual growth for a higher consciousness

With spirituality, we designate our relationship with the spiritual world, i.e. with the non incarnated world. The term spirituality has to be understood in a very broad way, it comprises our relation to invisible beings, like for example God, angels, spiritual guides, non incarnated souls and other non incarnated beings. Spirituality also comprises questions about the meaning of life and about our personal attitude towards life as a whole and all its related goals and cycles.

Before we continue, let’s have a look at the definition of spirituality according to Wikipedia :

«Spirituality, in a narrow sense, concerns itself with matters of the spirit. The spiritual, involving (as it may) perceived eternal verities regarding humankind’s ultimate nature, often contrasts with the temporal, with the material, or with the worldly. A sense of connection forms a central defining characteristic of spirituality – connection to something greater than oneself, which includes an emotional experience of religious awe and reverence. Equally importantly, spirituality relates to matters of sanity and of psychological health. Like some forms of religion, spirituality often focuses on personal experience.

Spirituality may involve perceiving life as higher, more complex or more integrated with one’s world view; as contrasted with the merely sensual. …»

Why do we show interest in spiritual growth and spiritual information?

According to the definition of spirituality further above, this term comprises not only religiosity of human beings but also very fundamental questions about the meaning of life in a larger context. For obvious reasons these questions have always concerned humankind and philosophy. Everybody gets confronted with these questions, at the latest on the occasion of births and deaths.

Meaningful dealing with spirituality

Some people strictly refuse to acknowledge the existence of spiritual beings (non incarnated beings). Often, the same people dismiss anything, which has not been stringently proven according to scientific rules. They only accept a rational founded world – irrational things or concepts (e.g. the spirituality) are being suppressed and denied. By the way, these persons should also for the very same reasons deny the existence of such everyday happenings like affection, antipathy, love, hate, fear and so on.

On the other hand, there are many people, who are trying to explain every little event in life with irrational, mystical explanations. Everything has been planned a long time in advance with the help of stars, karmas or whatever. Often, such persons have at least at times lost their touch to the ground and live in a different world. Their theory that everything is predetermined is not compatible with our free will: I can decide on my own whether I will watch a film at the cinema or whether I stay at home. The “stars” – or whatever higher influence they are talking about – won’t push me to the cinema nor will they hold me back at home.

A meaningful dealing with spirituality is of course somewhere in between these two extreme positions. It does not make sense to deny or discredit spirituality. Neither does it make sense to suppress our material (incarnated) world and to devote oneself exclusively to a spiritual world (see also further below).

What is the benefit of spirituality and spiritual growth?

Spiritual information should serve to understand our life and our life’s tasks better and thereby to achieve our purpose of life more easily. A contact to the spiritual world can be in particularly helpful to sense and confirm one’s goals and tasks of life. In addition, this spiritual contact can be a tremendously important guide and assistance in our daily life.

We should realize again that the purpose of our incarnation is to live in the material world, to gain some experiences and to develop some of our qualities further (personal growth ). These experiences are to be made in the material world, therefore it does not make sense and it is even counterproductive to suppress the material world, like already mentioned further above. Our qualities, which are to be developed further, are difficult or even impossible to comprehend with our rational intellect. In most cases these qualities are unconditional love, joy, self-honesty, modesty and humility. This learning process is often called spiritual growth or developing awareness (developing higher consciousness). For this learning process of concepts, which are difficult to grasp by our rational intellect, we can get very important help and assistance from the spiritual world. Therefore it does absolutely make sense to integrate the spiritual world – in other words spirituality – in our daily life.

Spirituality: Information and integration in our daily life

From the above, it can easily be concluded that spirituality should always be integrated in our daily life, in everything we do or do not do. “Always” is to be understood as in all our decisions and deeds both in business and private life. This is in contradiction to applying or living spirituality like a leisure activity only on evenings, or for two hours on Sundays or for two weeks per year in a seminar. To integrate spirituality in the daily life is somehow similar to wearing clothing: You most likely wear clothes and make sure you are adequately dressed all day round and not just on some rare occasions. You don’t walk around naked. Likewise you should try to be connected with the spiritual world all day as well in business as in private life. Of course you cannot achieve this from one day to the other – a lot of training is needed.

We have already discussed in a different text that all beings on earth should respect certain cosmic laws. We have called the most important of these cosmic laws «the basic rights of existence». It states: «The basis of all life on our planet is the equal right of all beings to live here, to develop here and to carry out their tasks here». We automatically train our above mentioned qualities of unconditional love, joy, self-honesty, modesty and humility when we follow this cosmic law. In other words: The meaning of life is training the above mentioned qualities (or spiritual growth).

Spiritual growth: Information from and about spiritual beings

There are a high number of publications and web pages about spiritual topics and there are an equally high number of publications containing information from spiritual beings, which have been received through channelling. The quality, truthfulness and reliability of such information must be assessed case by case. An universal judgement is not possible.

It can be very fascinating to hear or read about the work, purpose and tasks of non incarnated beings. However for most of us, such information is useful at best for entertainment. If we, respectively our soul, wanted to learn about the interrelations in the spiritual (non incarnated) world, why then should we incarnate at all? Our soul could have stayed in the spiritual world. The interrelations of the spiritual world are certainly easier to grasp while you indeed are in the spiritual world. If you currently were in the rain forest with the goal to understand the system of the rain forest better, would you then for this purpose drive to the desert?

It is little help to our daily life if we know whether we are being supported by three or by five angels. However, it is extremely important to know that we are indeed supported in our daily life by angels and other spiritual beings and that we can ask these beings for help.

Support from spiritual beings for spiritual growth

How do you feel and understand the above mentioned support from the spiritual world? And how can you make sure that this support is real and not just imaginary?

We all have a sensor in us for this purpose. This sensor can and should be trained, however. Since it is not easy – or even impossible – to understand with our rational intellect, we have given this sensor many different and quite vague names, like intuition, gut feeling, heart, inner sense, sixth sense, instinct, etc. As a general rule, this sensor is available to everyone. Children’s sensor is usually much more developed than the ones of adults, however. This is one of the reasons why children can be very important for the personal development of their parents, see here .

Once a certain level of personal consciousness is reached, further development is hardly possible without a good contact to the spiritual world. Dismissing spirituality therefore can have severe consequences for the respective person and soul. Re-establishing a good contact to the spiritual world is part of our personal growth. For that reason we ought to train this ability ourselves, we should not try to outsource or buy this ability, it won’t work. It is not sufficient to read books and web pages about it – we finally have to acquire this ability ourselves. We will have to train this again and again.

The development and training of our personal sensor to communicate with the spiritual world has further important advantages:

  • In our incarnated world, there is information of different kind available, some of it is perfectly correct and valuable but an awful lot of information is wrong or does not make sense. It would be quite foolish to believe that whatever information you receive from a non incarnated being, should automatically be correct and meaningful. In other words you have to be able to judge the trustworthiness of the information received.
  • It might be tempting to ask someone else to get spiritual information on your behalf. While this is not generally bad or dangerous, you have to realize that you make your decisions depending on the abilities and correct interpretation of other people. To finally be able to assess spiritual information yourself is an invaluable advantage for spiritual growth. You thereby minimise the risk of getting manipulated by others.

Spiritual growth: Information on

Based on the reasoning outlined above, it is of very high concern for us as publishers of to put spirituality back on the right place in our daily life. We would like to help re-establishing a meaningful integration of spiritual concepts not as interesting leisure activity but as integral part of everything we do or do not do. What matters in the end, is to be able to live a meaningful life, which allows the soul to develop qualities as planned for the respective incarnation.

Therefore you will on find some relatively simple and down-to-earth explanations for the general comprehension what life is about and for personal growth as the meaning of life. Additional texts are regularly being added.

Where do you go from here?

A good starting point is the book «ABC of awareness – personal development as the meaning of life». You can read it online or download as pdf (it’s free!). But be warned: To read the book, you really need to spend some time. You should be prepared to make some thoughts about personal growth and meaning of our being here.

You may want to read some of our comments to current issues, where we try to assess and discuss current problems of our society with our own higher consciousness.

The texts published may eventually lead to some sort of «step by step guide to better life management» and guide to spirituality. Information, overview and links see our home page.

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