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Summary of the main concept

As many and diverse as we human beings may be once our existential needs are satisfied we all strive for the same thing: We want to feel happy and satisfied the whole time and to be able to live our lives without fear and worries. This search for harmony and inner peace, for self-fulfilment, for calmness, or however we may wish to describe this condition, is indisputably the top goal in the case of virtually all models of human needs.

From our experience we know that wherever we are or whatever we do there are always certain rules. On the roads it is the traffic regulations, in football it is the rules of play, in nature it is the natural laws. Those who respect these rules find it easier to carry out the respective task or activity than someone who violates these rules and therefore has to be reprimanded in some way.

The most important rule on our earth to which all the earth’s inhabitants must hold, we call the basic rights of existence: All beings have the equal right to be here, to develop themselves and to carry out their tasks. Harmony and peace can only come into our lives if we ourselves keep to the basic rights of existence, if we strive to automatically respect the basic rights of existence of all other beings (people, animals, plants etc.) whenever we make a decision. The more rigorously a person follows these rules in all his decisionmaking the closer he gets to his goal of inner peace and harmony, the highest human need.

From this point of view our lives are nothing other than a training camp where we can acquire the characteristics and abilities which we need for the permanent respecting of the basic rights of existence which we still lack. We live in order to learn about the basic rights of existence of all beings and in this way we achieve the desired harmony and inner peace. The more frequently a person respects the basic rights of existence in his decisionmaking, the higher is his awareness (consciousness), and the more well-balanced and happier he becomes.

Our subconscious helps us with subjective perception, the activation of our objectives and further mechanisms, to interpret our experiences in such a way that we can efficiently train ourselves to respect these basic rights of all beings. Whatever we do or do not do, we ourselves are responsible for the consequences of our behaviour. Our present behaviour determines our future or the lessons we still have to learn in our lives.

The objective of respecting the basic rights of existence for all beings represents for most human beings a drastic change in their set of personal values. However, because the preconditions for a change in our personal values are at their optimum level, today is the ideal time to make this change. In the end though it is entirely up to us whether we really convert these ideas into reality for each of us personally. He who deliberately follows the basic rights of existence as the topmost goal in his life, will thereby automatically make his own maximum contribution to the general wellbeing on our planet. In the book entitled ”ABC of Awareness: Personal Development as the Meaning of Life” amongst other things the information touched on here is explained in detail, amplified and also clarified with the help of many examples. The book can either be read on-line or it can be downloaded to your computer in the form of a file at no cost. You will also be able to order it as a printed book in every bookshop or directly from this website.

With our range of lectures and consultation activities we would like to impart information on the most important interrelationships and backgrounds of life. In particular how we ourselves can set and achieve sensible objectives for our lives. In addition we offer techniques and help with which personal development towards harmony and inner peace can be consciously controlled and efficiently arranged. Our greatest interest is the integration and the concrete application of these thoughts to our everyday lives, both our working and our private lives.

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