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The meaning of life

We saw an increasing number of people searching for keywords like the meaning of life, purpose of life, spirit of life, philosophy of life, etc. on our site. Therefore we thought it could be helpful to write some sort of overview or summary where you can find information about the meaning of life on this site.

What is the meaning of life?

The question about the meaning of life is probably as old as human beings. And it is a very fundamental question, too. You shouldn't expect anybody to answer this question in one simple, easy understandable sentence. You have to deal yourself with questions about reincarnation, soul and spiritual growth. Over time you will then hopefully find your own answer to the purpose of life. At the end, what matters most for you is the meaning and purpose of your own life and not a very general meaning of life.

Our general answer to the question of why we live is: We incarnate on the Earth to develop ourselves, because our soul wants to develop certain traits further, like e.g. unconditional love, joy, honesty, modesty and humbleness. Thus life can be regarded like a school to train certain aspects of our personality. What we don't learn in the current incarnation remains to be trained in one of the next incarnations. Often, this process of developing the above mentioned traits is also called «getting a higher consciousness or awareness» or self-realization.

Is this answer already satisfying? If not and you'd like to get more information and backgrounds why we came to this conclusion about the meaning of life, have a look at the following documents:

A good starting point is the book «ABC of awareness – personal growth as the meaning of life». You can read it online or download as pdf (it's free). But to read the book you really need to be willing to spend some time with thoughts about purpose and meaning of our being here and about personal spiritual growth.

Here are some further texts, which can give you some insights about the spiritual meaning of life:

You can also use the site map or the search field to find specific information related to the meaning of life. If you don't find what you are looking for, feel free to ask related questions in our discussion forum . We wish you success in finding meaning and purpose of your own life!


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6 thoughts on “The meaning of life”

  1. My belive
    we got life and brain just to let our soul take over everything,we not theare yet but soon the right soul hide in somebody will update the present and change everything and everyone view forever.tanks for read

    1. The question is…..
      Are we souls trapped in a body or are we a body with souls?

  2. Read your bible, follow
    Read your bible, follow Jezus, Live forever in a place where there isn’t global warming, no nuclear weapon or other negative thing.

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