Trust and Confidence

First apologize my english because it is bad.

I googled "Objective of life" and your website appear, I readed part of ABC... relative to objective and my question is: what if we have lost the trust and what is the importance of trust and confidence in others, god, nature law, etc. It is known for example that who's suffers from post-trauma stress disorder often lose trust in the world, the image of a secure world with which we come to the world can be obscured in case of trauma. So, since we have no trust (we have fear rather it) we have not objective and all intellectual and logical considerations cannot be neither the answer.

Objectives of live


I am very sorry but I don't think we can help in this case. If you suffer from a trauma, you really should consult a professional therapist in your area.

Just reading a book or receiving advice over Internet won't be enough to get healed from traumas.

If I should have misunderstood your question, please don't hesitate to ask back again.

Best wishes