Nuclear Proliferation in a nutshell

Nuclear proliferation is used to describe the spread of fissile material, weapons-applicable nuclear technology and information, to nations which are not (yet) in posession of nuclear weapons. It is feared that the likelyhood of a nuclear warfare does increase with the number of nations with nuclear weapons.

Nuclear proliferation is related to the civil application of nuclear power in the following ways:

  • Nuclear power makes widely and innocently available all the key ingredients of do-it-yourself bomb kits (fissile materials and the technologies, knowledge and skills to produce and process them; new reactor types are much worse)
  • Without civil nuclear power, these ingredients would be harder to get, more conspicuous to try to get, and politically far costlier to be caught trying to get, because the reason for wanting them would be unambiguously military.
  • A world without significant nuclear commerce would make proliferation not impossible but vastly more difficult—and easier to detect timely
  • The U.S. an CH example are critical to the world
(Adapted from Amory Lovins on Sept. 12. 2008 in Zurich, Switzerland)