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ABC of Awareness

Personal development as the meaning of life

What drives us as human beings? Why do we exist? What do we strive for?

On the pages which follow we would like to offer subjects for thought and information on these and other questions. We set out the bases for all existence on the earth and discuss the consequences for life in private and business areas.

Amongst other things we describe how we can achieve constant harmony and inner peace. The right choice and deliberate pursuing of our own, self-selected goals take on a key role in this so that we can achieve our own goals and not let ourselves be manipulated by others.

The theme addressed here is extremely comprehensive. It is not sufficient to simply read a book on the subject. This contribution is therefore intended in particular to stimulate thoughts about our own lives, which goals we should set for ourselves in our lives and how best to achieve them.

For simplicity all the formulations have been written in the male form. This is not intended to be discriminatory, all conclusions and examples also apply without restriction to the female gender.

Mollis (Switzerland), February 2002

Jürg Rohrer


This book was translated from German into English by Roger Curtis

ΞBook ABC of awareness