Offline Carbon footprint calculator

The attached Excel sheet can be used to calculate both CO2 emissions as well as primary energy requirements for the following activities:

  • Heating with oil, gas, coal, wood, solar energy or heat pumps
  • Electricity consumption. The actual mix of power generation (coal, oil, natural gas, wood, nuclear energy, hydro energy, solar energy, wind, geothermal or waste) is taken into consideration.
  • Travelling by car for diesel and petrol fuelled cars. Either by actual fuel consumption or by distance and average fuel consumption.
  • Travelling by bus (kilometres or miles)
  • Travelling by train (kilometres or miles)

The main purpose of this calculator is to calculate CO2 emissions for individual activities. We have released a more convenient on-line carbon footprint and energy calculator with the ability to display the results in graphs. The on-line version can store individual contributions and sum up the personal carbon footprint over a period of time. Klick here to see a sample carbon footprint with some activities.

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Definition of carbon footprint


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