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Missing or incorrect success monitoring

  In a separate chapter we have already referred to the need for the regular monitoring of our progress towards successfully achieving our objectives. Since the lack of this monitoring of our progress or the unsuitability of the decisionmaking criteria are frequently the stumbling blocks to living the basic rights of existence we would like to briefly come back to this point.

It is frequently insufficient to simply take the basic rights of existence as the objective for life. As a rule it is necessary – or at least it is very useful – to consider at the same time how we will assess our personal progress towards living the basic rights of existence. It is especially important to be clear that in letting go of the old objectives it is also important to let go of their assessment criteria.

The regular assessment of our progress should ensure that we also really do get closer to our goal. On the basis of this checking process we can also correct our behaviour if necessary. In making these assessments if we make use of criteria which are only suitable for another goal, then sooner or later we will approach the other goal. If we have incompatible objectives, we will therefore probably get further and further from our originally-selected goal.

Many people continue to try to realize their financial objectives simultaneously with living the basic rights of existence or to measure their success at least partially according to mone­tary criteria. Sooner or later this must lead to frustration.

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